Educational Specifications Development

  • These specifications identify the elements in the facility that have a direct impact on the delivery of instruction. Examples range from major elements such as the ideal size (planned capacity) of the school down to the layout of furniture within classrooms.


    Educational specifications represent a district’s vision of the ideal physical environment for students and staff that will support and enhance the delivery of instruction.  Ed Specs codify this vision for use in the design of new schools and provides a guide for evaluating existing facilities.  The district’s development of this essential tool could not be timelier considering the need for new facilities driven by the enrollment growth currently being experienced.  


    Over the course of many months of work, the district has developed its first ever Educational Specifications document that establishes the district’s standards related to the design and construction of new schools, additions and renovations, and outdoor facilities.  This tool guides the goal towards equitable facilities across the district.  This document should be viewed as a “living document” that will change over time as the district adopts new instructional and facility initiatives.

    Download Education Specifications Guide