• A SPLOST audit is a performance audit that focuses on (1) the School District’s compliance with state and local laws and (2) the receipt and expenditure of sales tax proceeds for allowable SPLOST educational purposes as dictated by the voter approved referendum. The overall objective of the performance audit is to evaluate whether tax funds are expended efficiently and economically so that the School District is receiving maximum benefit from the dollars collected. Specific audit objectives may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • To determine whether the schedule of projects adheres to the approved resolution adopted by the Paulding County School District;
    • To determine that the reporting effectiveness between the School District and the Board of Education communicates the status of capital outlay projects to ensure that legislative, regulatory, and organizational goals and objectives were achieved;
    • To determine the reliability of the monitoring function to verify that actual project expenditures are not exceeding budgeted amounts;
    • To determine whether there is an effective means of monitoring program performance within a projected timeline, to evaluate the validity of expenditures, and to evaluate the timely completion of each capital project;
    • To determine the reliability, validity or relevance of financial analyses to verify that cash flows conform to forecasted projections by project and priority, and that intended economic results are accomplished;
    • To determine whether effective procedures exist to verify that design and construction of capital projects adhered to applicable quality control standards;
    • To determine the effectiveness of financial controls in place to ensure that the receipt and expenditure of tax revenue funds are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; and,
    • To determine whether management of the School District is following Board approved procurement policies and procedures.

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