• Overview

Department Overview

  • The primary responsibility of the Student Support Department is to provide supports that will remove barriers to academic, career, and social and emotional growth for all students in the Paulding County School District.  We strive to provide supports efficiently and effectively to our schools, staff, students, and community through wraparound services that include:


    • Providing student support and advisement throughout their PCSD school career
    • Providing supportive resources to our students and community through our school counselors, school social workers and our homeless liaison 
    • Using data-based decision making to proactively provide supports for behavior and school climate for all PCSD students and staff
    • Establishing safe learning environments through social-emotional learning (SEL) best practices that develop strong interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics in PCSD students and stakeholders
    • Supporting students and faculty with resources and training to provide prevention and intervention services that support the mental health growth of our students



    In alignment with the Paulding County School District’s strategic plan, the Student Supports Department will provide cohesive wrap-around services that support students by meeting them where they are, removing barriers to student growth and success, and providing the overall safety net of support to students during their school years, while also preparing them for their post-secondary options.