• Facilities Master Plan

  • A Facilities Master Plan provides a road map from the existing physical portfolio of facilities to a consensus vision of an educational environment that is fully aligned with the mission of a school district. It provides a logical development strategy which supports the service delivery requirements of the district. It is an investment that coordinates and aligns many diverse considerations into a strategic long-term vision for facilities. To be successful, it needs to combine both educational and facility planning. Among many advantages, a well-executed Facilities Master Plan can be a significant factor in gaining parent and community support and maximizing opportunities for local and state funding for facilities. 


    Never before in the history of the district has there been such a large scale, comprehensive group of studies undertaken for the development of this first ever Facility Master Plan.  Extensive effort has been exerted to investigate, examine, report, analyze, and project on the large number of studies that make up this document.  The effort undertaken over the past year will pay dividends for years to come in planning for the future. This plan not only provides a projection into the future, but it has also established new metrics, procedures, and processes that will continue to greatly enhance the ability of the district to make well informed planning decisions.  As with any planning tool, this plan should be considered a living document that will respond to and adjust as changes occur in the district. 


    Components that make up the Master Plan for the Paulding County School District include: