• Welcome to the Operations Department

    Our focus is on student achievement as we strive to provide an optimum setting for learning to take place daily. We are committed to providing the support to our principals, teachers, students, and parents required to ensure the school system operates at its optimum capacity. We welcome the opportunity to address school and district needs as they may arise. Our department directors and coordinators are highly skilled and prepared to assist in any way with questions or concerns pertaining to their areas of responsibility. Please do not hesitate to call on us as needed.

    Operations Department Mission

    Provide the processes, procedures, governance, structures, and products that focus operations of a school on ensuring attainment of standards and high levels of learning for all students.

    Operations Department Goals

    1. Provide meaningful leadership development training to school administrators and aspiring leaders

    2. Establish and enhance relationships with community and local businesses through partnership with the Paulding County Chamber of Commerce.

    3. Inform and educate parents and students of district wide policies, procedures and regulations

    District Operations

    District Operations is here to support the local school and work as liaison between government and the local school programs. The District Office coordinates support and functions as a resource for the local school.

Contact Us

  • Contact Information and Responsibilities
    Dr. Brian Otott   
    Interim Superintendent  
    Dyan Earnhart  
    Operations Specialist ▪ Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent
    Dearnhart@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Administrative support for the Operations Department
    770-443-8000 x10136 ▪ All student transfers, fundraisers and field trips
    Dr. Jason Gregaydis  
    Exec. Director for Elementary Schools ▪ Supervise and support Elementary School Principals
    jgregaydis@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Oversee the day to day operations of all elementary schools
    Gary Plunkett  
    Exec. Director for Middle Schools ▪ Supervise and support Middle School Principals
    gplunkett@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Oversee the day to day operations of all middle schools
    Dr. Susan Browning   
    Exec. Director for High Schools ▪ Supervise and support High School Principals
    sbrowning@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Oversee the day to day operations of all high schools
    770-443-8000 x10227  
    Don Breedlove  
    Exec. Director for Safety and Athletics ▪ School Safety
    dbreedlove@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Title IX Coordinator
    770-443-8000 x10205 ▪ High School Athletics
      ▪ Risk Management
      ▪ Out of State, Overnight or Chartered Bus Field Trip Requests
    Dr. Susan Goethe  
    Director of Guidance and Counseling ▪ Coordinates the District’s comprehensive advisement, guidance and counseling programs
    sgoethe@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Supports and provides guidance to school level counselors
    770-443-8000 x10134 ▪ Acts as contact for outside agencies that support the needs of PCSD students
    Suzanne Wooley  
    Director of Communications ▪ Coordinates internal and external communications
    swooley@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ District media contact
    770-443-8000 x10181 ▪ Update social media pages
    Charles Kuss  
    Coordinator Local School Administration ▪ Direct support for the Hospital Homebound Program
    ckuss@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Attendance Officer
    770-443-8000 x32002 ▪ Hardship Transfers
      ▪ HB 251 School Choice
      ▪ All Fundraiser Requests
      ▪ Tribunal Officer
      ▪ Supervise and support School Social Worker
    Beth Ochoa  
    Supervising School Health Nurse ▪ Oversee nursing program
    Bochoa@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Immunizations, health records, and anything related to health education
    770-443-8000 x10110  
    Carolyn Oliver  
    Coordinator of Student Information Systems and Central Registration ▪ Coordinate district and school level data entry into the student information system
    coliver@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Coordinate the registration of new students to the District and the day to day operations of the Central Registration center
    770-443-8000 x10223 ▪ Coordinate district and school level student information system training
    Kathy Bright  
    Student Information System Specialist ▪ Assist SIS Coordinator in the maintenance of all modules of SIS including attendance, schedules, grade reporting, student demographics, discipline, special education, gifted, course maintenance, master schedules to ensure accurate data within the
    770-443-8000 x10257  
    Lilly Irizarry  
    Registrar ▪ Registers new students to the district
    lirizarry@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Process address changes in Infinite Campus
    770-443-8000 x10219  
    Lynn Morgan  
    Registrar ▪ Registers new students to the district
    lamorgan@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Process address changes in Infinite Campus
    770-443-8000 x10224  
    Carla Boyd  
    State Reporting Specialist ▪ Assist with major data collection including FTE, student records, OCR, etc., for the school district for the purpose of accountability and funding
    770-443-8000 x10256  
    Rachel Hill  
    Student Information Clerk ▪ Support district and school level data entry of all modules of SIS including attendance, schedules, grade reporting, student demographics, discipline, special education, gifted, course maintenance, master schedules to ensure accurate data within the district
    770-443-8000 x10197  
    Becky Perry  
    Central Registration Receptionist ▪ Provides clerical support to the Central Registration Center
    bperry@paulding.k12.ga.us ▪ Answers questions from school district personnel and public regarding student registration
    770-443-8000 x10204  
    Gail Williams   
    School Social Worker ▪ School Social Worker
    770-443-8000 x32005  
    Penny Iorillo  
    Hospital Homebound Teacher  
    770-443-8000 x15012  
    Aletha Montgomery  
    Hospital Homebound Teacher  
    770-443-8000 x15012  
    Kristy Moore  
    Hospital Homebound Teacher  
    770-443-8000 x15012  
    Denise Johnston  
    Homeless Education Liaison  
    770-443-8000 x32018  
    Nina Lauter  
    Family Connections Coordinator  
    770-443-8000 x10211