• Welcome to 2018-2019 Work-Based Learning

    Work-Based Learning is a structured experience that connects the student's career goal and classroom learning with a productive work environment.  In addition to working and completing your career portfolio in Canvas, you will be able to participate in two field trips designed to prepare you for post-secondary success.  We will also have various industry tours that will be announced through your school coordinators.
    Rising Professionals is November 14, 2018.  See your coordinator for details.
    2018-2019 WBL Coordinators
    EPHS  -  Yaa Hatcher
    HHS  -    Michelle Stubbs
    NPHS -  Christi Dorsey & Michelle Miller
    PCHS -  Karen Parker
    SPHS -  Debbie Routt
    BOE -    Monica Rydza