SPLOST Activity

  • Current Schedule of Approved SPLOST Projects  

    Prior to December 31st of each year, O.C.G.A. § 48-8-122 requires the publication of a non-technical report in a local newspaper of general circulation and in a prominent location on the local government website. The report must include the following information on each approved project:

    • Original estimated cost
    • Current estimated cost if different from the original estimated cost
    • Amount expended in prior years
    • Amount expended in the current year
    • Any excess proceeds which have not been expended for a project or purpose (including all unexpended SPLOST funds held from a prior SPLOST)
    • Estimated completion date
    • Actual completion cost of each project completed during the current year

    If necessary, the annual report must also include a statement of what corrective action the local government intends to implement for each project that is underfunded or behind schedule and the statement of any surplus funds that have not been expended for a project.

    FY2021 Schedule of Approved SPLOST Projects



    SPLOST VI Collections through June 30, 2022