• School Improvements | Student Assessment

    School Improvement, Assessment and Accountability Department Overview 

    The School Improvement and Assessment Department of the Paulding County School District guides the district’s efforts in ensuring high academic achievement for all students through the support of continuous improvement planning, provision of high quality professional learning for all staff, direction and support to stakeholders with data and other resources to improve student learning, and effective management and utilization of grants and federal funds to provide quality educational opportunities for all students. 


    The mission of the School Improvement and Assessment department is to provide leadership, professional learning, and support in the areas of district and school improvement, student assessment, and accountability to maximize student achievement.

    School Improvement, Assessment and Accountability Goals:

    1. Enhance district support for continuous improvement planning
    2. Build capacity to develop strong educational leaders
    3. Provide effective reporting and monitoring tools to ensure accountability
    4. Enhance and maintain positive cultures and expand support of family and community engagement 


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