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    effective SCHOOL DISTRICT communication BENEFITS STUDENTS

    Promoting and maintaining confidence in our public education system is an ongoing challenge met not only by improved instructional programs, but also by sound communication practices that increase public awareness, understanding, and support for public education. Effective communication practices provide public relations and a forum for sharing ideas, all of which ultimately benefit the students of Paulding County by increasing parent and community engagement.

    Effective Communication

    Our Communications Office supports the district's strategic plan

    • Supporting, planning and carrying out a communication program among the district, its schools and the community.
    • Supporting, planning, and carrying out a communication program between the district and its employees.
    • Assisting with the publicity for district programs, activities, and achievements.
    • Training local schools to implement programs to facilitate telling their story and effectively engaging stakeholders.
    • Assessing the public's knowledge and attitude to its schools and using this information help plan the communications program.
    • Providing the appropriate liaison services between the school district and news media
    • Developing clear messaging for stakeholders in times of crisis or emergency.


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