• Register/Enrollment is at 522 Hardee Street, Dallas, GA 30132

    Central Registration Department

    Parents/Guardians arriving five minutes after their scheduled appointment time will need to be rescheduled.

    Walk-ins will be accepted based on availability and there could be an extremely long wait time.

    Also, please note that registration for Pre-K Special Education Students is done by appointment ONLY.

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  • Welcome to the Paulding County School District!

    We're excited to have you join our Paulding County School District (PCSD) family. PCSD Central Registration registers the following students:

    • Students new to Paulding County

    • Students who have been withdrawn from a Paulding County school longer than 10 consecutive school days 

    NOTE: Students transferring from one Paulding County School to another Paulding County School do not need to register through Central Registration. Parent should go to current school to withdraw student. Once the student has been withdrawn, go to the new school with the withdrawal slip and two proofs of your new address.  For more information, please contact your student's current school.


    Two-Step Process (Please note that when a student is registered, they are required to begin school within three school days)

    In order to attend a school in the Paulding County School District, new students and students withdrawn from a Paulding County school for longer than 10 days, must complete a Two-Step Process:

    Step 1 - Registration: Paulding County School District now offers the convenience of online appointment scheduling. Parents should schedule an appointment, then Parent/guardian must visit the Central Registration Office to complete the registration process, provide the required documentation, and submit verification of the family's address. The family will register all of their school-aged children during this one visit.

    Walk-ins will be taken based upon availability. Parents registering students without an appointment two weeks before school starts or the day after a holiday or school break could experience an extremely longer than normal wait time.

    Additionally, during the school year, the registrars at Central Registration will provide the family with a registration packet that must be presented unopened to the school.


    Step 2 - Enrollment: Parent/guardian and students will visit the assigned school to enroll and obtain class assignments, schedules, and other information unique to the school. The family MUST present the registration packet. Otherwise, the student cannot be enrolled.


    Foreign Exchange or International Students

    Please note that Foreign Exchange Students and International Students need to be present for the registration process.


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  • Contact Central Registration 

    Central Registration Office: 

    522 Hardee St.
    Dallas, GA 30132
    Phone: 770-505-3558