Central Registration

  • Due to the growing concerns about the COVIS-19 coronavirus, beginning Monday, March 16th all Paulding County schools and offices will be closed until further notice.  

    If you need to register a student during the shutdown, please email centralregistration@paulding.k12.ga.us

    Registration for the 2020-2021 school year, all grades K-12, will begin June 1, 2020. Central Registration will begin accepting appointments at a time to be announced.

    Welcome to the Paulding County School District!

    We are excited to have you join our Paulding County School District (PCSD) family. PCSD Central Registration (CR) registers the following students:

    • Students new to Paulding County
    • Students returning to a Paulding County School who have been enrolled in another public, private, or homeschool. 

    Appointments are recommended.  Walk-ins will be accepted based on availability and there may be an extremely long wait time.

    To Enroll a Student:

    • Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.
    • Make an appointment either online or by phone
    • Complete an online application (This service may not be available during busy periods – July / August / January.)
    • Complete a request for records (available as pdf in Request for Records Form link on the left, Registration Forms link on the left, or in our office)
    • Upload if completing an online application and bring required documents to Central Registration at the scheduled appointment date and time
    • Meet with a Registrar to complete registration process and receive enrollment packet
    • Take enrollment packet to assigned school

    NOTE:  Some parents/guardians may qualify for a virtual registration if all required documents are uploaded to the online application and approved.  Parents/guardians who do not need to visit CR will be advised no later than 4 p.m. the day before the scheduled appointment time.

    Foreign Exchange or International Students

    Please note that Foreign Exchange Students and International Students need to be present for the registration process.

    Central Registration Office                                        

    522 Hardee Street                                             
    Dallas, GA 30132                                                
    Phone: 770-505-3558                                         
    Fax:  770-505-3623
    Email: centralregistration@paulding.k12.ga.us

    Important Notices:

     The following conditions will cause appointments to be rescheduled:

    • Late arrivals
    • Application not completed by time of appointment
    • Acceptable proof of residence not provided 

    The application MUST be completed before the scheduled appointment time.  If unable to complete at home, please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to complete an application in our office.

    Proof of residence cannot be in digital format.  If billing is online, please print current statement (within last 30 days) from utility service or mortgage provider.  If providing a lease agreement, lease must be printed, signed by landlord and tenant, show address, and have current dates.  Lease must also include contact information for the landlord.  E-signatures and digital signatures are acceptable.

    Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.  Step-parents seeking to register a student on behalf of a biological parent should call Central Registration for instructions.

    Walk-ins will be accepted based on availability and there may be an extremely long wait time.

    Students Transferring within the District

    NOTE: Students transferring from one Paulding County School to another Paulding County School do not need to register through Central Registration. Parent should go to current school to withdraw student. Once the student has been withdrawn, go to the new school with the withdrawal slip and two proofs of your new address.  For more information, please contact your student's current school.

Schedule an Appointment

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