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  • With 33 schools in the district (and a new middle school under construction), the Paulding County School District must constantly plan ahead to ensure that students have appropriate and up-to-date facilities and resources to support their learning. Planning for the Future includes:

    • Monitoring existing facilities for regular maintenance and future needs
    • Monitoring new housing developments to gauge where future growth may occur
    • Monitoring enrollment growth versus capacity at specific schools
    • Contacting with professional demographers
    • Identifying available land tracts to potentially purchase for new schools
    • Regular assessment of school boundaries to identify potential attendance zone shifts to ease crowding
    • Working with Paulding County Government, which includes having a PCSD representative on the Planning Commission, to help ensure a reasonable approach to future growth that factors school considerations

    The entire school district community plays a role in Planning for the Future, and whenever the school district initiates planning for new construction or attendance zone changes, impacted communities are invited to participate in the process. Recent examples include a series of public meetings in 2019 that helped the school district prioritize facility needs and led to the development of a five-year E-SPLOST proposal that was overwhelmingly renewed by Paulding County voters. Then, in early 2021, the school district held a series of online Community Conversations to present options and gather feedback on proposals to redistrict students at several elementary and middle schools. The final approved proposal was a direct result of input from the affected communities.