Transcripts and Student Records

  • Transcripts and Student Records

    A Records Management Center is available and maintained for former students, post-secondary schools and prospective employers to obtain specific student records.  With proper proof of identity, the Records Center can provide transcripts and other school related information.


    The Records Center is located at 522 Hardee Street, Dallas, GA 30132. The Center is open week days 7:30am-12:00 pm and 1:00-4:00 pm Monday thru Friday.  It is recommended that you call for an appointment. For more information, please call 770-443-8000

    Transcript Requests

    Transcript requests can be made a variety of ways:

    • Visiting the local school Counseling Office for students 21 years and younger
    • Visiting the Records Management Center for former students, 21 years and older
    • Utilize an approved Online Transcript Submission Service for Post-Secondary Enrollment (for a list of approved sites please contact your school counselor)
    • Making an online request through Scriborder
    • Using to request your My GAfutures transcript (formerly GAcollege411). GAfutures is used for in-state public and private postsecondary schools.

    Making a transcript request Guide

    Creating an Account on GAfutures Guide (used when former GACollege411 User Name and/or Password site does not work on GAfutures site):
    Please note that an email account is required on the My GAfutures profile. 


    Current High School OR Graduating Seniors Transcript Information

    A request may be made in person at the local school for an official district transcript when the purpose of the transcript is to meet admissions requirements for an in-state, out-of-state college or university, to complete documentation for a scholarship, and/or to provide to a potential employer or the military.

    Any transcript questions/issues should be addressed by the student with the school counselor.

    The student may also utilize an online-option by going to The online order is processed for $5.00 per copy with credit card payment options. The request will be processed within 48 hours.

    Post-Secondary Agencies who are requesting transcript verification must do so only online by going to Official transcript requests or verification of graduation requests from corporations and post-secondary schools are subject to a $13.00 fee.

    Employment Agencies who are requesting education verification must do so only by going to The fee for requests from corporations is $13.00. Please note that ALL corporate requests for Verification of Graduation will be delivered via email.

    Faxes, phone calls, and email requests are not accepted or processed.


    Student Records

    All records for high school students are maintained at the local high school until they reach the age of 21. All other student records will be located at the Records Management Center.

    Inactive Special Education records are maintained by the Exceptional Students Education Program in the Student Services Department at the Paulding County School District.

    Requests for copies of student records may be made at the local school or at the Records Management Center, following the guidelines with age mentioned above.

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