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  • School counselors spend most of their time in direct services with students and often work in the academic and career life domains. In addition, professional school counselors provide support for district students in the personal/social/emotional aspect of their lives. School counselors work under these three standards:

    A. Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.
    B. Students will make decisions, set goals and take necessary action to achieve goals.
    C. Students will understand safety and survival skills.
    (Source: The American School Counselor Association National Model)

    The CARE Project
    For our students:
    Connect-Connect and reassure that you are there for support.
    Ask-Ask and listen about their life without judgement.
    Reach-Reach out and develop a relationship.
    Engage-Engage and encourage them by providing resources.
    The CARE Project is a collaboration of all stakeholders in the school district who recognize the importance of working together toward the common goal of increasing and enhancing support for students with life issues with particular emphasis on the prevention of youth suicide. The vision of the project is to Connect with, Ask about, Reach out to and Engage with children, youth, and their families in a way that increases awareness, understanding, and support of youth mental health. The CARE Project is about letting students know how much the district staff, their family members, peers and community partners care about them and want to build positive relationships with them.
    School counselors work with parents and guardians as partners in the personal/social/emotional life domain. Professional counselors are not mental health professionals and do not operate as such in the school setting. However, school counselors do provide support in the academic setting for a variety of personal/social/emotional issues. They do provide individual counseling as well as counseling in small groups known as intentional guidance. School counselors support students with individual/family/school crisis intervention needs. In addition, they may consult and collaborate with both parents and educators providing individual student support. School counselors do provide responsive services and as a part of responsive services may refer the parent or guardian to one or more outside agency resources. Then, parents/guardians use these referral resources to support their student for variety of issues under the CARE Project. Thus, supportive resources are maintained on this website.
    CARE Project Partners include:
    Paulding County Commissioners
    Paulding County Department of Family and Children Services
    Paulding County School District
    Ridgeview Institute
    Willowbrooke at Tanner

    Mental Health

    Click here for the District Mental Health Resource Options list.

    The information below provides students, parents/guardians, friends, teachers, administrators, and all other stakeholders with informaton about these topics: Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorder, Sexual Abuse, Substance Use, and Suicide. Read more by clicking on the topic of choice. Link and Help Line information are also provided. Always remember that school counselors support every student with needed resources and discuss any needs with the student’s parent/guardian. 

     Eating Disorder
    Sexual Abuse
     Substance Use

    Digital Citizenship

    Being a good digitial citizen means to demonstrate and practice safe, responsible and legal use of technology. A good digital citizen is someone who understands the rights and responsibilities that come with being online and someone who uses technology in a positve way. A good digital citizen always uses and spreads “good stuff”! Respect, Connect, and Protect are the three main categories of Digital Citizenship. Click in the middle of the icon below to go to more information and resources.

    Digital Citizenship

    Grief and Loss Resources

    Students and family members of students experience grief and loss issues when there is a loss of a close family member or friend. Click on the heart below to get information regarding resources for Grief and Loss.

    Grief and Loss



    Paulding Family Connection Resource Handbook

    Click on PFC below and the directory will be available to you. 

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