Elementary School Advisement & Counseling

  • Elementary school students work collaboratively with school counselors in three life domains: academic, career, and personal/social. Under the Career life domain, school counselors help students explore possible careers as well as their strengths and talents. School counselors guide students to answer these three important questions:

    Who am I? Where am I going? How will I get there?

    First Grade 

    Students in first grade are provided information on these three Career Clusters:

    Agriculture, Foods and Natural Resources

    Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

    Transportation, Distribution and Logistics


    Second Grade 

    The three Career Clusters that are explored are:

    Arts, AV/Technology and Communications

    Education and Training

    Health Science


    Third Grade 

    The three Career Clusters explored are:


    Hospitality and Tourism

    Human Services


    Fourth Grade

    The four Career Clusters explore are:

    Architecture and Construction

    Business Management and Administration


    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)


    Fifth Grade

    These four Career Clusters are explored.


    Government and Public Administration

    Information Technology



    Fifth Grade Portfolio

    All district 5th grade students complete a 5th Grade Career Portfolio. This portfolio impacts each elementary school’s College and Career Ready Performance Index score. This portfolio provides students with the opportunity to conduct research and present information about a career that interests them or they want to know more about. The steps taken to complete the portfolio with each 5th grade student are:

    1. Completion of an 80-question Career Cluster Interest Inventory on GCIS JR
    2. Working with the school counselor to focus on a specific career for the portfolio
    3. Researching the Career on GICS JR
    4. Completing a Career Research Paper with these sections: Introduction, Training and Education, Work Environment, Salary, Closing and References.
    5.  Presenting the selected career to an audience.



    Georgia Career Information System Junior


    BRIDGE Advisement for Fifth Grade

    There are six major BRIDGE advisement projects that support district students. The first of these major projects supports students as they transition from 5th to 6th grades.


    Middle School 101

    Power Point for Parents (May BRIDGE Opportunity)

    5th to 6th Grade Transition PowerPoint


School Safety