Multi-Year Academic Planner

  • The Multi-Year Academic Planner within Infinite Campus was developed to help students and parents create a 4-6 year academic plan which includes high school as well as the years beyond high school. This is a powerful tool that allows students to view and plan out courses for the four high school years to meet academic and career goals. The MYAP tool allows a student to create his/her IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) to:
    • complete short and long-term academic planning to meet future career and employability goals
    • map out the course work/curriculum over a period of years to meet graduation requirements
    • plan and take advantage of the pathway courses for one of the IGP graduation program types
    This plan is saved in IC and is updated throughout the student’s high school career meeting each student’s changing career and future goals. Thus, this tool allows a student with support from his/her school counselor to complete the student’s academic plan throughout the entire high school career. In addition, 8th grade students transitioning to ninth grade also use this tool. Beginning in February 2017 this tool is utilized by students to complete Individual Graduation Plans also known as IGPs.
    For the next school year, teachers make recommendations for core courses. Then, the student along with his/her counselor maps out the Individual Graduation Plan by selecting remaining courses for the next school year to total 8 courses. In addition, 8 courses per year for each subsequent school year(s) are updated on the four-year plan. School counselors assist with this process during classroom guidance. Thus, the student signs into the Academic Planner on Infinite Campus through the Portal and completes the IGP. Then, the parent reviews and approves the IGP after logging into the Parent Portal.
    For a portion of second semester (end of current school year) as well as the beginning of the next school year, the plan can be reviewed, but not updated. Counselors always know what the dates will be for the opening and closing of the IC portal to complete updates. In addition, counselors always have access to the Academic Plan and Academic Progress information.
    IMPORTANT REMINDER: Current high schools students who have completed their YouScience assessment should review and use those results in preparing the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP).

    Important Resources:


    Introduction to the Multi-Year Academic Planner (MYAP)

    Logging into Parent Portal Account and Approving Plan


    Academic Planner (IGP) Format


    Block Scheduling 


    English Courses and the IGP 


    Mathematics Courses and the IGP 


    Science Courses and the IGP


    Social Studies Courses and the IGP 


    Health and Personal Fitness Courses and the IGP 


    Career Technical and Agricultural Education Courses and the IGP


    Fine Arts Courses and the IGP


    World Language Courses and the IGP 

    World Language courses are not required to graduate from high school. However, if a student wants to be admitted to a four-year college following graduation from high school, two credits must be earned in the same World Language. Students who do not meet this requirement begin at a two-year college or one of the Technical System of Georgia colleges.

    Elective Courses and the IGP 


    Early Graduation


    Early Graduation Application

    District high school students are encouraged to complete their Academic Plan/IGP with either a full schedule of high school courses and/or take advantage of Dual Enrollment Move On When Ready coursework. A student along with his/her parent may request to graduate at the end of six or seven semesters as long as the student meets all state and district policy graduation requirements. An early graduation intent packet is completed in order to make this request.

    Minimum Day  

    Approved seniors may take one block of Minimum Day in the morning or in the afternoon, either Block 1 or Block 4. During the MYAP process juniors plan and thereby, request all eight courses for the senior year. Once the Minimum Day document is completed by the student and parent and approved by the counseling and administrative staff at the high school, the student’s requested courses and course schedule are modified. Carefully review the Minimum Day document.

    MYAP/IGP High School Links:

    Help with the Academic Planner and/or Academic Progress Information (IGP)
    Planning for courses for all four years of high school as well as registering for courses for the next school year sometimes means lots of questions. If a student has a question about the sequencing of courses for a credit type/course that the student is already taking, then, a teacher in that area can be a valuable resource. For IGP questions about the Academic Plan or Academic Progress information having to do with transcript history, scheduled courses, course requests and/or planned courses, the student always needs to seek assistance from the school counselor.
    Problems with the Parent Portal account…
    Come to the high school office with a copy of your photo ID and complete the New Parent Portal Account document.
    If access to the Portal has been lost, complete an Account Reset document. The main office at each high school has this document.