Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment
    Dual Enrollment is a program for high school students. Students take post secondary courses and earn high school credit as well as accumulate college hours for courses taken on the college transcript.

    What are the steps necessary to register for Dual Enrollment classes?

    The "DE, I am Interested Now What" Document (below) gives a great overview with some important details, but the general steps are:

    1. Decide which college/program you want to attend.
    2. Research and think about the decision
    3. Take the necessary placement test for entry into the college (SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, etc.)
    4. Apply to your school of choice.
    5. Attend or watch the "DE Pre-Registration Meeting"  (please see below for more information on this)
    6. Meet with your high school counselor to fill out necessary paperwork and schedule your classes.
    7. Create your GA Futures Profile. 
    8. Register for your college courses and give your High School counselor a copy of your schedule.
    9. Your High School Counselor will approve the funding application.
    10. That's it! Communicate any changes you want to make with your counselor!


    Dual Enrollment Summits:

    Summits regarding the Dual Enrollment Program are held twice each school year. The DE Summit Agenda is the document that is reviewed during the DE Summit opportunties below.




    Fall DE Summit

    Paulding County High School Auditorium

    September 10, 2019


    Spring DE Summit

    Hiram High School

    February 13, 2020




    Pre-Registration Meetings

    Beginning in the fall of 2019, the Paulding County School District has moved to required Pre-Registration Meetings to go over the necessary paperwork for Dual Enrollment.  You must attend one of these meetings OR, if you cannot make it, then you must watch the presentation below:


    Click here for the presentation:    DE Pre-Registration Meeting 


    High School

    Date of DE Meeting


    East Paulding High School

    February 10, 2020


    Hiram High School

    October 28, 2019


    North Paulding High School

    February 3, 2020


    Paulding County High School

    February 6, 2020


    South Paulding High School

    October 15, 2019




    Dual Enrollment Paperwork


    (click on link below)

    What is it?

     DE Participation Agreement (Form 1)

    This document is due prior participating in the DE Program for all students.  Once complete, it is good for the entire high school career of the student.

     DE Advisement Agreement (Form 1A)

    This document is due prior to participating in each of the following semesters. 

    DE- "I am interested, now what?"

    The I am Interested…Now What? document contains all of the initial steps to being admitted to a college or technical college program. Important student qualities and considerations are also listed and explained.




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