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    What is Dual Enrollment?

    Dual Enrollment is a program where high school students can take post-secondary courses at colleges and universities that counts towards both the high school transcript (and graduation) and the college transcript. 


     Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?

    The state legislature passed HB444 in  May of 2020 that ushered in numerous changes to which students are eligible for Dual Enrollment, how many DE hours they can take ,and a few other changes that will dictate many of our schedules. The most significant changes includes a cap of 30 hours for Dual Enrollment students as well as limiting participation to all 11th and 12th grade, while giving 10th grade students limited options to take DE classes.  It is extremely important to understand these changes and to talk with your school counselor if you have any questions. 


    The Video Below addresses the DE changes enacted by HB444. 

    (These requirements are still in effect/applicable for the 2021-2022 school year.)




    How do I register for DE Classes?

    The "DE, I am Interested Now What" Document (below) gives a great overview with some important details, but the general steps are:

    1. Decide which college/program you want to attend.

    2. Research and think about the decision

    3. Take the necessary placement test for entry into the college (SAT, ACT, Accuplacer, etc.)

    4. Apply to your school of choice.

    5. Attend or watch the "DE Pre-Registration Meeting"  (please see below for more information on this)

    6. Meet with your high school counselor to fill out necessary paperwork and schedule your classes.

    7. Create your GA Futures Profile & Fill out the Participation Agreement electronically (Instructions:  DE Electronic Application Instructions

    8. Register for your college courses and give your High School counselor a copy of your schedule.

    9. Your High School Counselor will approve the funding application 

    10. That's it! Communicate any changes you want to make with your counselor!


    DE Summits:

    Summits regarding the Dual Enrollment Program are held twice each school year. 
    -  Summit PowerPoint from the Fall of 2021 can be found here:  DE Summit PowerPoint, Fall of 2021
    -  Summit Video Presentation on 10/20/2021 can be found here:  DE Summit Presentation, Fall of 2021

    Pre-Registration Meetings

    The Paulding County School District has moved to required Pre-Registration Meetings to go over the necessary paperwork for Dual Enrollment.  You must attend one of these meetings OR, if you cannot make it, then you must watch the presentation below:

    Click here for the presentation:    DE Pre-Registration Meeting

     Due to safety precautions taken during the pandemic, no large-scale Dual Enrollment meetings will be held until further notice.  Until then, please utilize the link above to watch the "DE Pre-Registration Meeting".


    When meetings are allowed, they will be listed here:

    High School

    Date of DE Meeting


    East Paulding High School

    Currently Cancelled due to COVID TBA

    Hiram High School

    Currently Cancelled due to COVID TBA

    North Paulding High School

    Currently Cancelled due to COVID TBA

    Paulding County High School

    Currently Cancelled due to COVID TBA

    South Paulding High School

    Currently Cancelled due to COVID TBA



    Georgia Student Finance ("STARS") Application Process 

     In addition to the HB444 updates, the GSFC has moved to an electronic platform for completing the "Participation Agreement" that we previously did on paper.  The DE portal is open on their website for students and parents to go in and complete their DE registration with GSFC and sign the Participation Agreement electronically. 

    Step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the Dual Enrollment Application/Participation Agreement on GSFC can be found here:  DE Electronic Application Instructions



    Dual Enrollment Paperwork

    (Updated for the 2021-22 School Year: 2/4/21)


    (click on link below)

    What is it?


    This document is due prior participating in the DE Program for all students.  Once complete, it is good for the calendar year. 

    DE Exceptions Application

    This document is due if you plan to take more than 8 classes in a year, take more than 4 classes in a semester, or have maxed out your DE hours and now wish to complete "self-pay" courses.

    I'm interested in DE... Now What?

    The I am Interested…Now What? document contains all of the initial steps to being admitted to a college or technical college program. Important student qualities and considerations are also listed and explained.




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