Registration Requirements

  • When registering a new or returning student in the Paulding County School District, the student is expected to start school within 3 days.

    Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.  Step-parents seeking to register a student(s) on behalf of a biological parent should contact Central Registration for instructions.

    Parent/Guardian should schedule a time for an online application to be processed.

    Parent must complete online application.

    Parent must provide:

    1. One valid, acceptable proof of residence (see below)
    2. Parent/Guardian state issued picture ID
    3. Birth Certificate or acceptable proof of age document for any kindergarten or 1st grade student
    4. IEP for special needs students (highly recommended if available)

    Documents required for a student's permanent record that must be submitted at time of registration, if available, or within 30 days:

    1. Birth Certificate (Grades 2 - 12)
    2. Social Security Card or Number (recommended but optional) 
    3. Immunization Records (DHR Form 3231) 
    4. Eye, Ear, Dental & Nutrition Screening (DHR Form 3300)
    5. Second proof of residence
    6. Request for Records 
    7. Withdrawal Form/Grades / Transcript from previous school
    8. Discipline Records (only middle and high school) may be required before completing registration

    Acceptable proof of residence:  Any two of the items listed below are acceptable

    (1)  A monthly utility bill (power, water, cable, gas, garbage, satellite) or mortgage statement issued within the last 30 days which includes the service address. Remittance portion of statement is not acceptable.  Two different utility bills can be provided as both proofs of residence (i.e. water and power or mortgage and gas);

    (2)  Lease or rental agreement signed by both parties consisting of written evidence that a current valid agreement exists. Also to be included with this agreement shall be the name, address, and/or telephone number of the lessor or:

    (3)  Home ownership title consisting of either a warranty deed, quit-claim deed, or security deed in the name of the parent/guardian showing the location of the legal residence.

    If the family is living in the household with someone else, a Statement of Legal Residence form is required AND must be notarized.  This form must be completed by the enrolling parent/guardian AND the homeowner/lessor.  Enrolling parent/guardian should complete the section entitled "Affidavit of Parent/Guardian" (statements 1-5).  The homeowner/lessor should complete the section entitled "Certification of Residence Owner/Lessor."  Proof of residence, as mentioned above, must be provided in the name of the person completing this section of the form.  The original notarized document must be received at our office before your reserved processing time.  Our office can notarize this document for you at no charge.

    This form will be required to be renewed each subsequent school year at the beginning of the year.  One valid current proof of residence must also be provided each subsequent year. 

    If at least one proof of residence is in enrolling parent name or spouse of enrolling parent, a Statement of Legal Residence is not required.   

    This form can be notarized at Central Registration or by an authorized notary public. Click to print the Statement of Legal Residence.