• Instructions on how to upload required documents to the online application


    Paulding County School District’s online application allows you to upload required documents when completing the application.  Required documents include proof of residence, enrolling parent’s state issued picture ID, student’s birth certificate, SS card (if providing), Form 3231, Form 3300, and withdrawal form if available.

    If uploading from a computer:

    Click the upload button in the application and locate the file you would like to upload.  If the document has already been saved to your computer, the document will be in a folder on your desktop.  Once the document has been located, click it and choose open or double click the file.  This will upload the document if it is not too large. 

    If uploading document from your phone:

    Click the upload button in the application and choose the location where your document is saved. You can choose a document already saved or choose to take a picture of the document.  Once you locate it, just select the document and it will upload if the file isn’t too large. 

    For proof of residence:

    If you only receive electronic bill, log on to the company’s website to download a PDF of the bill.