Registration Forms

  • Registration for the 2020-2021 school year, including kindergarten, is not currently available.  Please do not make an appointment to register a student for the 2020-2021 school year.  

    The following conditions will cause appointments to be rescheduled:

    • Late arrivals
    • Application not completed by time of appointment
    • Acceptable proof of residence not provided 

    Please make an appointment before completing an application.  When an appointment is scheduled, an email is sent providing further instructions regarding the application.  An application MUST be completed before the scheduled appointment time. If unable to complete at home, please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to complete an application in our office.

    Proof of residence cannot be in digital format. If billing is online, please print current statement (within last 30 days) from utility service or mortgage provider. If providing a lease agreement, lease must be printed, signed by landlord and tenant, show address, and have current dates. Lease must also include contact information for landlord.  E-signatures and digital signatures are acceptable.  Parents/Guardians arriving late for their scheduled appointment time will be rescheduled.

    If the family is living in the household with someone else, a Statement of Legal Residence form is required AND must be notarized.  This form must be completed by the enrolling parent/guardian AND the homeowner/lessor.  Enrolling parent/guardian should complete the section entitled "Affidavit of Parent/Guardian" (statements 1-5).  The homeowner/lessor should complete the section entitled "Certification of Residence Owner/Lessor."  Proof of residence, as mentioned above, must be provided in the name of the person completing this section of the form.  This form will be required to be renewed each subsequent school year at the beginning of the year.  If proof of residence is in enrolling parent name or spouse of enrolling parent, a Statement of Legal Residence is not required.

    Only a parent/guardian living at the same address as the student may register and enroll the student.  Step-parents seeking to register a student on behalf of a biological parent should call Central Registration for instructions.


    Paulding County School District's Online Registration Application:

    Please click on the link below to begin the application.  A dialogue window will appear requiring basic parent information such as name and email address.  Click the "Begin Registration" button after all information has been entered.  Please read carefully the information that will appear.  A second email will be sent with a link to complete the application.  The application MUST be completed and submitted before the scheduled appointment time. If unable to complete at home, please arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time to complete an application in our office.

    There is an option to upload required documents during the application process.  Even if documents are uploaded, please bring all documents to the appointment.


    Additional forms that may be needed:

    Statement of Legal Residence

    Request for Records