Psychological Services

  • School Psychologists focus on enhancing student’s mental health, academic success and promoting healthy emotional adjustment. Emphasis is placed upon developing school-wide initiatives that make schools safer and more effective, designing programs for at-risk children, and promoting tolerance and the understanding of individual differences. School Psychologists work directly with children, families, and educators to assist students in attaining their unique potentials and in becoming productive citizens with bright futures.


    A School Psychologist is a specialist whose training is based on a combination of the principles of psychology, child development, and education. School Psychologists assist children, parents, and educators in promoting dynamic school environments in which all children can learn.


    In Georgia, fully certified School Psychologists must hold an educational specialist (Ed. S.) degree or higher from an approved university training program, complete a one-year supervised internship in School Psychology, and receive certification by the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.


    The Paulding County School District currently employs ten School Psychologists. A variety of support services may be available from those School Psychologists depending on individual staff members' professional skills, training, expertise, and experience. The types of available support services might include:


    • Consultation with parents, teachers, students, administrators, and other professionals that is designed to promote the academic progress and the mental health of all students.

    Comprehensive assessment/identification of children with special needs and assistance in the development of educational programs tailored to meet the unique needs of individual students.

    Promotion of safe school environments in which all children can learn.

    Staff development and parent training.

    Individual and group counseling of students.

    Crisis Intervention- School Psychologists respond to crises within the school community when invited to participate by school administrators.

    Legislative advocacy on behalf of children and families at the local, state, and federal levels.

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  • For further information, you may wish to contact your local school administrator or the District 504 Coordinator:

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