Behavioral Supports

  • Mission

    The Behavioral Support Teams’ mission is to meet the academic needs of students through a variety of techniques. The teams purpose is to empower school staff to educate all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. Staff is committed to a process that provides behavioral support and training, ensuring a safe and stimulating learning environment through collaboration with students, parents, and schools. Staff celebrates the individual learner with all of his or her unique talents and traits.


    Behavioral Support Team

    The Behavioral Support Team (BST) provides support to school staff in situations that require interventions that are necessary to address a student’s challenging behaviors. The Behavioral Support Team is made up of individuals who have received training in Behavioral Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and special education. The team provides services to assist students maximize individual students’ strengths and improve behavior as they develop into successful contributing members of a global community.

    The BST provides support in the form of interventions for students who exhibit behavioral deficits that impede the learning process for themselves or others. In addition, the team assists staff in addressing situations in which a student engages in behaviors that places himself or others in danger and/or result in substantial property damage.

    Due to the unique and diverse needs of ESEP students, they may fail to respond to traditional methods of instructional and behavioral strategies/interventions. Students sometimes require specially designed interventions and curricula to help them achieve academic objectives.

    The BST also consults with school core teams. A core team is a group of three to five school-based personnel who are Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)/Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) trained. This team is a resource for assisting with assessment, intervention, and implementation of classroom individual behavior plans.

    Available services provided by the BST include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Training teachers and administrative staff in Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, ABA, and Behavioral Strategies.

    Human Empowerment and Leadership Principles (H.E.L.P.)

    Conduct observations, data collection, and classroom assistance

    Provide consultation