• Parent Mentor

    What is a parent mentor?

    A Parent Mentor is a parent of a child with a disability who builds bridges between home and school that lead to more successful outcomes for students with learning, behavioral, and/or physical challenges. A Parent Mentor focuses on guiding parents through the Special Education Program by listening to parents/caregivers and providing their perspective to educators. A Parent Mentor shares community resources and offers parent training. 

    Who is our Parent Mentor?

    My name is Yesenia Lopez Alvarez. I am a mother of four beautiful girls. I have six-year-old twins that have Autism. We deal with daily challenges, but as a family, we have learned to be loving, patient and accept everybody just the way they are. I am a very passionate and dedicated person. I love listening to people, helping them, and learning from their experiences. I hope to use my experiences to help your children and you. I am excited about this opportunity to help families in Paulding County. Please contact me. I am happy to answer questions, get to know you, and with you on this journey. Yesenia Lopez Alvarez 

    What does a parent mentor do?

    • Promotes partnerships between parents and educators

    • Guides parents through the special education process

    • Provides confidential support for parental concerns and questions

    • Supplies information on Special Education services, policies & procedures and community resources

    • Provides workshops for parents and educators 


    When should I call a parent mentor?

    • If you have questions regarding the Special Education process

    • If you need to talk confidentially to another parent about your concerns

    • If you need or have information about community resources

    • If you would like to become a parent leader and help others


    Paulding County Parent Mentor Resource Directory

    Paulding County Parent Mentor Directory (PDF)


    Parent Mentor Trainings

    Parent Mentor Trainings (PDF)