Parent Mentor

  • “Planning is bringing the
    future into the present so
    that you can do something about it now”

    Alan Lakein

    What is a parent mentor?

    A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with a disability who builds bridges between home and school that lead to more successful outcomes for students with learning, behavioral, and/or physical challenges.

    What does a parent mentor do?

    • Promotes partnerships between parents and educators

    • Guides parents through the special education process

    • Provides confidential support for parental concerns and questions

    • Supplies information on Special Education services, policies & procedures and community resources

    • Provides workshops for parents and educators 


    When should I call a parent mentor?

    • If you have questions regarding the Special Education process

    • If you need to talk confidentially to another parent about your concerns

    • If you need or have information about community resources

    • If you would like to become a parent leader and help others


    Paulding County Parent Mentor Directory

    Paulding County Parent Mentor Directory (PDF)


    S.N.A.P. Support Group

    Support Group Topics (PDF)


    S.N.A.P. Learning Sessions

    Training Flyer (PDF)


    Parent Mentor Newsletters

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