Overview of Assessments


    Purpose of Assessment:  Teaching and Learning


    Simply put, assessments provide valuable information (data) that is used to improve students' learning and teachers' teaching. Information provided through assessments is used for more than identifying what a student has learned.  It is used to support improvement and continued academic growth for our students, schools, the school district, and the state.


    Students and teachers apply the information provided through assessment to set goals, and to decide on next steps of learning and teaching.  Parents and families are informed of their child's level of understanding and level of being able to do what is expected for students at his/her grade level.  Parents can play an active and important part in their child' academic progress. Schools use the information for setting school-wide goals, and make plans for achieving the identified goals.  School leaders can identify and provide suitable support for teachers, which includes resources and professional development. The school district makes staffing and resource decisions based on assessment data, and identifies ways that schools will be supported in achieving academic improvement for all students. The Georgia Department of Education uses assessment information in reviewing policies, and funds are targeted appropriately to support improved student outcomes.


    Paulding County School District uses a variety of assessments to measure student learning and to guide teaching.  For more specific information and student support resources, please see the district assessment website.  The district assessment website provides valuable links to a variety of assessment preparation resources for parents and students.  


    Georgia Milestones Assessment study guides (highly recommended) are available to students and parents.  This is a valuable resource that gives samples of questions and tasks that will be included on the assessments, explains how to work through different test items, provides study tips, and much more!


    To access your student's performance data and other information about their progress, please click here.