• Student Hardship Transfer Guidelines & Form 2018

    Applications are now available. 

    The Hardship Transfer window will close on August 24, 2018.


    1. A parent/guardian requesting a hardship school transfer must put their reason(s) for the transfer request in writing (please refer to Board Regulation JBCCA-R). Completed applications may be submitted electronically or by mail to:

    Paulding County Board of Education
    3236 Atlanta Hwy.
    Dallas, GA 30132
    Attention: Dyan Earnhart, Operations

    Applications will be available beginning April 27, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. 

    1. The Hardship Transfer Committee will review the application and relevant data (student attendance / discipline ) and make a determination to approve, conditionally approve, or deny. 
    2.  Transportation for students out of their “home” district on transfer must be provided.  Students on transfer may not ride the school bus either to or from school. 
    3. Parents will be notified in writing as to the decision made for the request – please DO NOT call the Board of Education as to the status of your request.  The hardship transfer process usually takes between 2-3 weeks.



    The Paulding County School District reserves the right to deny a school transfer request if the request is not considered a true hardship. 

    Transfer requests may also be denied due to:

    1. a)   The student has excessive attendance, truancy or discipline issues;
      b)   Lack of available permanent classroom space in the school to which
            the student requested the transfer;
      c)   Insufficient reasons to warrant the move (disagreement with school
      administration or staff is not sufficient reason for a transfer to be granted);
      d)   Falsification of records;
      e)  Other just cause.

    If a student is denied a hardship school transfer, the parent or guardian may appeal the request in writing to the Board of Education.  After review, the parent or guardian will be sent a letter from the Board of Education, and the decision at that time will be final.



    Hardship Transfer Forms