Ideas for Partnership Activities



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    What does a partnership look like? What am I committing to?  

    Here are a few ideas to help you get started, but you can work with your school/district partner representative to come up with activities that will work for you both.   

    With a small amount of time and resources:

    • Meet with our Impact group, student councils, and other clubs/organizations
    • Sponsor snacks at our quarterly Stakeholders' Meetings
    • Have breakfast or lunch at a school where partners can get to know faculty, staff and students
    • Collect preschool books for older children to share at home with their younger siblings
    • Provide tax tips, time/stress management tips, or other workshops for faculty and staff
    • Serve as a judge for various school competitions or a volunteer at Reality/Career Fairs 

    With slightly more time and resources:

    • Sponsor “student of the month” and send pictures home to parents with a letter of commendation
    • Provide breakfast/lunch, flowers or other incentives for “Teacher(s) of the Month”
    • Assist in the media center, classroom or office
    • Staff a table at a high school reality fair or a kindergarten Mission Possible event
    • Provide support for hands-on learning
    • Be a guest speaker 

    Projects that work on a limited basis or on a larger scale:

    • Tutor/mentor (one child or small group)
    • Listen to one child (or small group) read to you
    • Read stories to a child, group or entire class
    • Serve as a resource for class presentation

    More involved activities:

    • Donate books to Media Center (in honor of employees and/or students)
    • Employ high school students during the summer months or on a part-time basis
    • Display student art work in business organization's lobby, break room or conference room
    • Provide babysitters for parents and teachers to use for PTO meetings and parent conferences
    • Provide financial literacy lessons for students and parents
    • Provide training sites for CTAE programs
    • Provide training sites for high school special education students (maintenance, simple clerical duties, cafeteria services)
    • Permit use of your facilities for car washes or bake sales