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    Partnership Overview


    Paulding County Partners in Education Program


    The Paulding County School District has more than 30,000 students. These children are the future workforce of our community, and there are many ways the business community in Paulding County can make a significant impact on their education. A partnership is a voluntary relationship that is formed between a business or organization and a school or school system. These relationships create support systems designed to meet the needs of the schools through the resources of the community partners to the benefit of both. By becoming a Partner in Education, you and your business can share your expertise, time, ideas and experience with the students in our community.


    Goals for PIE:

    • Strengthen the community’s commitment to education;
    • Stimulate academic achievement and lifelong learning; and
    • Support area businesses in developing and preparing students to enter the workforce.


    To achieve these goals, we ask that you look at these four Partnership Criteria to see if you can help a school in part or all of these areas:

    • Improving academic performance;
    • Growing career opportunities;
    • Enriching the life experience of students; and
    • Developing and enriching the faculty experience.


    There are many ways for a business or organization in the Paulding County area to get involved in the PIE program, including, but not limited to:

    • Assist/support school activities
    • Sponsor employee breakfasts/lunches
    • Provide tutoring
    • Listen to a child read, or volunteer to read to an elementary school class
    • Give certificates/awards/incentives to honor academic achievement, perfect attendance, and good citizenship
    • Lend your expertise and skills during a Career Fair/Reality Fair/Job Shadow Day
    • Provide internship and work-based learning opportunities to our high school students
    • Donate supplies and equipment


    Direct benefits of participating in the PIE program include:

    • Students who are better educated and more prepared to enter the workforce directly from high school
    • An opportunity to become known in the school community, as well as the business community
    • Recognition in school and District publications
    • Positive impact on employee morale from participating in the program


    There are three levels of participation available:


    Partner-at-Large: this is a business/organization that supports the Paulding County School District as a whole. The purpose of this type of partnership is to allow a business/organization to offer its resources for the benefit of the entire Paulding County School District in its entirety or multiple schools. (Most companies and organizations will not fall into this category.)


    Partner in Education: this is a business/organization that partners with one to three schools and commits to participate in at least one activity with that school per quarter. A business may be a Partner in Education with up to three schools, as long as they meet the one activity per quarter per partnership requirement.


    Incentive Partner: this is a business/organization that wants to offer discounts to Paulding County School District employees. Incentives/discounts will be posted on the staff Intranet site and shared with staff through email. Discounts/incentives MUST be updated annually or whenever they change.



    **Note: If a company wants to offer discounts to Paulding County students, they must go through an individual school’s PTA representative, not the school or school district. Any other types of recognition would be at the discretion of the PTA representative.


    ***Note: Local businesses, if approved, are allowed to put information on a school’s “Public Information Table.”


    Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Paulding County School District. If you’d like more in-depth information on our Partners in Education program, as well as a copy of our “Getting Started with PIE” handbook, which includes ideas on how you can get involved, where your contribution is needed, and details on how to make a monetary donation, please contact communications@paulding.k12.ga.us.