• What are Georgia Milestones Assessments?

    The Georgia Milestone Assessments are made of up of two different assessments. The End of Grade (EOG) measures of student achievement taking place in grades 3-8 and the End of Course (EOC) measures given at the completion of designated high school coursework.


    The End of Grade (EOG) measure is administered in:

     • English Language Arts (ELA) (grades 3-8)

     • Mathematics (grades 3-8)

     • Science (grades 5 and 8 only)

     • Social Studies (grade 8 only)


    The End of Course (EOC) measures are administered at the completion of the following courses:


    • American Literature
    • Algebra 1
    • Biology
    • US History 
    • Physical Science - only offered to 8th grade students taking Physical Science for high school credit at the middle school level; not offered to students in grades 9-12


    Who must participate in the Georgia Milestones Assessments?

    All students must participate in the assessments, with the exception of students who qualify for GAA. High School students participate in End-of-Course Georgia Milestones Assessments tied to certain high school coursework.


    What is the goal of the Georgia Milestone Assessments System?

    The ultimate goal is to ensure that all students are provided the opportunity to engage with high-quality content standards (a description of what students should know and be able to do), receive high-quality instruction based on these standards, and are able to meet high academic expectations.


    What is the purpose of the Georgia Milestones Assessment Program?

    The Georgia Milestones Assessments provide a measurement of student achievement: what they have learned and are able to do at the end of their grade level year as described in the expectations stated in the Georgia Performance Standards.

    The main purpose of Georgia Milestones is to improve student achievement by providing information that guides plans for improving teaching and learning.


     What types of questions will be on the Georgia Milestones Assessments?

     • Open-ended (constructed response) items in English Language Arts and Math

     • A writing component within the English Language Arts Assessments (in response to passages read by students)

     • Nationally norm-referenced items to provide a national comparison, alongside criterion-referenced items

     • Multiple choice items

     Georgia Milestones will be transitioned to 100% online administration over the next 5 years with school systems being required to access a designated percentage of students online each year. 


    Resources for Supporting Your Child’s Preparation

     Practice Tests    (Must use Google Chrome browser)

    (Online practice tests are to familiarize students with the online testing format and tools. Practice tests are not tied to specific test content at any grade level.)

     Information for Parents

     PTA Parent Guide

     Assessment Guides for End of Grade (EOG)

     Assessment Guides for End of Course (EOC)



      What information do the Georgia Milestone Assessments provide?

     • An official measure of student accomplishment of achieving the learning expectations for his/her grade level

     • Information on students’ readiness for the next grade level

     • A measurement of how much progress is made from one grade level to the next

     • Information on teacher effectiveness

     • Information on school, district, and state accountability: is what students know, and are able to do, in line with the expectation of what needs to be taught (Georgia Performance Standards)


    How are results of the Georgia Milestone Assessments used?

     • Provide educators with feedback about instructional practice

     • Identify students not achieving mastery of the learning expectations

     • Assist school districts in identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to establish priorities in planning educational programs

     • Student achievement in reading (part of the ELA assessment) is used in promotion & retention decisions for grade 3

     • Student Achievement in reading and math is considered in promotion & retention decisions for grades 5 & 8