ESEP DLD Resources

Digital Learning Day Information
  • CEC Webinar: Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19

    CEC hosted a webinar yesterday titled "Teaching Special Education Online During COVID-19." Click on the link below to view the webinar.

  • Assistive Technology and General Free Educational Resources

    This website provides parents, teachers and staff easy access to information on key Assistive Technology tools available to all Paulding County Students to ensure equal access to the digital learning environment. In conjuction with Assistive Technology/UDL Tool information, there is also a list of FREE Educational Resources offered during this COVID-19 closure of schools.  May companies are offering free access to their educational programs and supports.  Visit the Assistive Technology website HERE

  • ESEP Digital Learning Days Resource Folder

    The ESEP department has provided multiple resources located in the DLD ESEP Resource folder.  Click HERE to access.