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    Good morning, ESOL teachers! As you prepare for your digital days, we wanted to send just a few reminders.

    If you have not received the attached documents from  your principals at the schools you serve, please review. While they look similar the first is for teachers and the latter are parent letters.  We have translated the letter in Russian, Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and Afrikaans. We have also attached it in English Word in case you need to translate an additional language that I may have missed.  Please ensure your students, who are present today, receive this. We know you have much to do and we are so appreciative of your extra diligence during this time.

    A reminder that you should be connected to Canvas courses for your teachers. The Canvas Champions at each school will be providing PLCs all day at your schools which will include a 17 minute webinar. Please plan to attend one of these which will also feature a Q and A session should you need further guidance. Additionally, there is a video on the Staff Intranet about Digital Learning Days.

    • If you are not already attached to the teachers you serve, please plan to do so. To ensure you are connected to the Canvas courses of the classes you serve: go to Canvas, teacher of the course, open the course, click on people, enter your email and wait for an invitation which you will accept. If you have further questions, please see your Canvas Champion at the school you serve.
    • District Curriculum Coordinators will be sending guidance to all EACs and district department chairs about essential standards that may be recommended for review during this extended time. While new material may be covered, teachers should not be counting new material for a grade at this time.
    • Lexia is certainly a fine resource for your students to use. Ensure that they know how to access this from home (student dashboard) and remind them of their log in and password. Additionally, we will add Lexia to the E/LA resources that will be sent to all grade chairs today. It is linked there and they should have already been given directions on how to log in at home. However, we have attached the links for your convenience.

    • Follow the expectations of digital guidance and expectations of your principal and check in with the teachers that you serve to see if they may need additional resources from  you.
    • All meetings that were previously scheduled are postponed at this time. We will work on rescheduling the final PLC meetings at a later date. 
    • Stay safe and know that your work is valued and appreciated. Details of your assignments and expectations are attached,  but most importantly, be safe and thanks for all that you do!
    • I have copied your EACs and Principals out of courtesy as they will be overseeing the efforts of all! Jessica and I are so thankful for you!

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