Social Studies DLD Resources

  • Middle and High School

    1. Be realistic in your expectations of the assignments you post – there will be a lot of students who do not have access to a computer as well as students who will be apathetic and just not do it.
    2. No new content introduced should be graded – Of course you can have your students read or research information that you have not taught yet but it should not be graded because of the that exact reason.
    3. Keep assignments to 20 – 30 minutes per day.
    4. USE LESSONS IN SHAREPOINT that have already been created that match your standards
    5. For AP classes, USE the AP Classroom for assignments
    6. Create assignments that focus on our historical thinking and information processing skills
    7. You can easily narrate a powerpoint that you can upload into Canvas that your students can watch and take notes on.
    8. You can assign students a DBQ through Canvas
    9. Utilize for resources such as instruction videos, powerpoints, and other resources
    10. In your schools, your Canvas Champion is hosting a 17 minute webinar throughout the day on Canvas AND here is a link to provide more help with Canvas 
    11. Lastly, our department chair meeting for March 25 (HS) will be rescheduled. The status of the middle school department chair meeting for April 1  will be determined once we know more about our return to school. 

    Additional social studies resources

    GaDOE -GPB Launch Home Classroom- The Georgia Department of Education and GPB have joined together to provide resources for teachers to use while providing home instruction to students

    6 Free online resources for primary documents

    Social Studies Central

    Teaching History

    5 Strategies for Using Primary Sources

    Library of Congress