Math 6-12 DLD Resources

  • Digital Learning Days 9th-12th grades:

    Please be mindful the assignments should take between 30-45 minutes per class/course.



    A-G-A (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II) teachers have access to the online resources for Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II.   Teachers have access to the pdf’s for each lesson, which can be uploaded into canvas.  These are both teacher and student editions of the lesson along with practice worksheets (that are differentiated).  Answers to the worksheets are at the end of the Teacher’s Edition of the practice.  Here is an example:

    Geometry example

    Ga Virtual is another option.  The link is

    This resource could also be accessed through canvas.  You do not have a license for students to be able to show work or complete assessments.  A work around could be for students to upload a picture of the work to the canvas page or type a response in canvas.