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    It is time to utilize the things we have planned for! I am thankful to our teachers who have provided so many great resources and for the constant support you are to one another.

    There are also private FB groups between the individual contents/levels for collaboration over the course of these coming days and I am so appreciative of all of you for your part in making this a solid instructional time for our students.

    Again, I will reiterate what I shared earlier in our weekly news because I believe it whole heartedly:

    Please remember - your content is all about the things in life which make us human. While we have placed guidelines and suggestions in place about instruction in the coming weeks, please focus on this one thing more than anything - I just really want you to have your students use their art and their music as a way to express their feelings and have an outlet during this time of confinement. Of all the things going on right now to worry about, our content should NOT be stressful or painful. Please do not make it so unnecessarily.

    Don't neglect the teachable moments which are bound to occur. I always love when art and music are used as a means of sharing and caring. Are you able to use this time we are in to teach them something about living artists? Functional Art? Music Therapy? Is there something occurring in the music or art world that is addressing a need? To me, we are in an unprecedented time in our world. Let's not waste the opportunity to grow the students in a social/emotional way through the arts.

    Thank you again for all you will do to make these days of digital learning count and I have hopes they will learn just as much as they would inside your classroom.

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