Bus Stop Safety

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    GA Dept of Education - Safety Curriculum & School Bus Safety


    Know the DANGER ZONE!

    Danger Zone


    How to Load from the Door Side


    Loading Door Side



    How to Load from Across the Road

    Loading Crossing the Road


    How to Unload on the Door Side

    Unloading Door Side


    How to Unload when Crossing the Road

    Unloading Crossing the Road




    Safety Precautions When Leaving Children at Home Alone - DFCS
    • Parents are responsible for the safety and supervision of their children from the time the children leave home in the morning until they board the bus, and at the end of the day from the time their children depart the bus until they arrive home.
    • Insure that your child arrives at the designated bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus arrives
    • Talk about bus safety with your child.



    Student Safety Page 1

     Student Safety Page 2


     Student Safety Page 3



    • Be on the look out for children. They can appear suddenly and without notice out from behind stopped school buses.
    • Please obey the posted speed limit in school zones. Children may be present in the area at any time, but are especially present when the lights on the school zone sign are flashing.
    • When the yellow warning lights on the bus flash, this lets motorists know that the bus will be stopping to load or unload students. Please slow down and prepare to stop instead of speeding up to pass the bus.