Elementary (VENTURE)

  • Elementary gifted students participate in a resource program called VENTURE for six segments each week taught by a certified gifted teacher. Students receive interdisciplinary enrichment in the areas of science, social studies, language arts, math, and reading. Units and skills are outlined on the district Curriculum menu and aligned with Georgia Performance Standards. Students’ achievement is recorded at the end of every nine weeks and/or semester via the report card.


Advanced and Honors Courses

  • Advanced and Honors courses in ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language are available for middle and high school gifted and high achieving students.  Advanced and Honors teachers focus on the Georgia Standards of Excellence while addressing the needs of gifted and high achieving students for more elaborate, complex, and in-depth study of major ideas, problems, and themes.  Enrollment determination is made according to student strengths, eligibility testing results, academic performance, and teacher observation.  

Academy Programs

  • The Paulding County School district offers three Academy programs for students who may benefit from a specialized program of study.  These Academy programs are specialized to give students opportunities to develop the skills that will prepare them for careers in high-demand areas.  Each of these programs offer students the ability to gain college credit through Dual Enrollment and Advanced placement courses.


    The Academy of Science, Research, and Medicine at Paulding County High School focuses on STEM education and offers unique opportunities for students in the biotechnology and Allied Heath and Medicine pathway.


    The Academy of Computer Science (HACS) at Hiram High School focuses coding, project based learning and STEM and offers unique opportunities for students in the computer science and programming pathway.


    The Academy of Engineering & Technology at South Paulding High School focuses on skills in Engineering Applications, Concepts,and Technology.

Whole Grade Acceleration

  • Parents/Guardians may request that their student be considered for whole grade acceleration (grade skipping).  The Paulding County school district has approved guidelines in place to identity students for whole grade acceleration.  Parents/Guardians would contact their local school for more information.