Good Practice for Parents

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    Knowing two languages is a gift you can give your child. Many children lose the ability to speak and read in their native language.


    • With encouragement from you, your child can become fluent in not just one language but two!

    • Continue speaking, reading and writing in your home language with your child.

    • Discuss events around the home and community in both your native language and in English.


    This helps to make the home an enriched language environment. Research shows that children that read and write in their first language perform much better in school than children who are not literate in their first language. Encourage your child to become bilingual.


    Share oral histories and traditional folk tales from your native country.

    • Participate in cultural activities and celebrate various holidays to show that all cultures have value.

    • Discuss school activities with your child. Provide a time and place where homework can be done.

    • Take time to listen and ask questions when your child is expressing ideas or telling stories.

    • Take this opportunity to learn English along with your child. Ask to see your child’s books, assignments, and tests. Help your child with schoolwork and become involved at school.

    • Remember that you are your child’s first teacher. Encourage your child to do well in school.