Student Discipline Information

  • The Paulding County School District is committed to providing students with a safe and orderly learning environment that provides for the welfare and safety of all students.  To support this commitment, the district has developed a student discipline code that is age appropriate and establishes standards for student behavior.  These standards require that students respect each other and district employees, and obey student behavior rules established at each school within the district. 

    The primary objective of the school is to educate, however, when the behavior of an individual student comes into conflict with the rights of others, corrective actions may be necessary.  We encourage all of our parents and students to be familiar with the district’s guidelines and procedures regarding student discipline. 

    Student Discipline - JD-R(2) Elementary

    Student Discipline - JD-R(3) Middle/High

    Student Suspension – JD-R(1)


    Discipline of Students with Disabilities

    Administrators are tasked with enforcing the District’s policies concerning student conduct.   When necessary to do so, administrators must follow certain guidelines as they pertain to disciplining students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are those who have been formally identified and are served either by an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or through Section 504.  Students with disabilities may be suspended out of school for less than 10 days in any school year, and no services are required to be provided. However, when a child is suspended or expelled out of school for more than 10 days, the school district must continue to provide the student with educational services (what is commonly referred to as a free appropriate public education or FAPE). The location or place where the services are provided can be different from the student’s assigned school, but the services themselves may not be changed. Students with disabilities are afforded certain protections under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and the provision of Section 504. It is the responsibility of school administration and the Student Services Department to ensure the student’s needs are identified, supported and met in an effort to reduce disciplinary occurrences. The Paulding County School District has developed Regulation JD-R(0) to provide schools guidance regarding the legal mandates afforded students with disabilities. 

    Students with Disabilities – JD-R(0)