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AdvancED Renews District's Accreditation

AdvancED, the national organization that accredits school systems, colleges and universities, has renewed the Paulding County School District's accreditation for five years.

A team from AdvancED visited the school district last October and conducted a comprehensive assessment by interviewing board members, central office staff, parents and stakeholders, and visiting 15 schools for a first-hand look at how students are taught in Paulding County. They also reviewed hundreds of artifacts, documents, self-evaluations, and surveys, and then prepared a detailed Performance Accreditation Report on how the school district measures up to AdvancED's standards.

The school district was very pleased to learn that not only was its accreditation extended another five years, but the evaluation of the district was overwhelmingly positive. On AdvancED's three-level rating system, PCSD had 0 standards on lowest level, three of 31 scored on the middle level, and 28 out of 31 scored on the highest level. Out of 400 possible points, the average total score for all institutions evaluated by AdvancED is in the range of 278-283. The Paulding County School District, meanwhile, received a score of 353, which ranks it among the highest performing districts.

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AdvancEd Engagement Review Report

Summary Powerpoint Presentation