• iRead

    What is it?

    iRead® harnesses the power of an “I can” attitude to create proficient, excited readers by Grade 3. Leveraging the motivating power of success, iRead’s adaptive technology adjusts instruction to meet children where they are and provides explicit instruction and guided practice to build mastery. Whether traveling through the program's virtual Beastie Hall classrooms with their personalized avatar or engaging in learning center activities with peers, children experience, share, and demonstrate success and develop the confidence needed for continued academic achievement.

    Student and Teacher Log-in Information

    Students and teachers log in to iRead through Clever. 


    Username: studentID

    Password: PCSD password used to log into computers

    (note: if you are not on a PCSD computer, your username will be your student ID followed by @paulding.k12.ga.us)



    Username: PCSD username used to log into computers

    Password: PCSD password used to log into computers

    Log in with Clever


iRead Handouts