• Russom Music

    Elementary Music

    Every elementary aged child in Paulding goes to music class during their specials rotation.  In Paulding, Elementary Music classrooms are places where students sing, move, and play - Every Single Day!


    Elementary Music Faculty

  • Abney Elementary
  • Abney Elementary School
  • Allgood Elementary
  • Baggett Elementary
  • Burnt Hickory Elementary
  • Dallas Elementary
  • Dugan Elementary
  • Hiram Elementary
  • Hutchens Elementary
  • McGarity Elementary
  • Nebo Elementary
  • New Georgia Elementary
  • Northside Elementary
  • Panter Elementary
  • Roberts Elementary
  • Russom Elementary
  • Shelton Elementary
  • Union Elementary
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  • Middle Bands

    Middle School Chorus and Band

    In our Middle Schools, we offer chorus and band as a part of the connections class rotations.  Students may participate in band or chorus throughout the entire time they are in middle school at all of our 9 middle schools.


    Middle School Music Faculty

  • Austin Middle
  • Austin Middle School
  • Dobbins Middle
  • East Paulding Middle
  • Herschel Jones Middle
  • Herschel Jones Middle School
  • McClure Middle
  • Moses Middle
  • Ritch Middle
  • Scoggins Middle
  • Scoggins Middle School
  • South Paulding Middle
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  • High School Music   Chorus

    High School Chorus and Band

    Vocal and instrumental music instruction is offered at each of our high schools.  Courses are offered for beginning through advanced content in all music instruction.  

    High School Music Faculty

  • East Paulding High School
  • Hiram High School
  • North Paulding High School
  • Paulding County High School
  • South Paulding High School
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