• STEMscopes

    What is it? 

    Engaging for students, easy to use for teachers, and proven in the classroom, STEMscopes is your one-stop solution for STEM. With over 25 resources per module, extensive cross-curricular connections, a strong inquiry foundation, and a wide variety of assessments, the possibilities for your STEM classroom are limitless.

    Key Features:

    Implements the Proven 5E+IA Instructional Model

    • Every module in each grade level uses the 5E+IA lesson model, which emphasizes student learning through hands-on science, and includes intervention and acceleration resources.

    Everything a Teacher Needs in One Place

    • No more cobbling together materials.
    • Analytics, student accounts, an assessment builder, ESL strategies, and teacher guides to support your instruction.

    21st Century Technology

    • E-books and digital journals.
    • Student app designer.
    • Drag-and-drop lesson planner.

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    Student and Teacher Log-in Information

    STEMscopes is available for grades K-8 and High School Chemistry.


    Username: studentID

    Password: PCSD password used to log into computers


    Username: PCSD username used to log into computers

    Password: PCSD password used to log into computers


    STEMscopes Guide

    STEMscopes and Canvas Integration