• Welcome to Honors Bio II/AP Biology! This two-semester course sequence mirrors a two-semester college biology course in both depth and rigor. Students must take both semesters, as the material learned in first semester is used and built upon in second semester. The topics discussed and material learned over the two semesters will provide the student with a knowledge base from which to build an in-depth understanding of the intricacies and complexities of the living natural world. Some students may elect in May to sit for the national AP Biology test, the scores on which may qualify the student for college credit. While taking the AP test is not mandatory, all students will progress through the course in a way that affords them the opportunity to take the test if they so choose. The AP test isn't the point. Learning science IS the point! If you focus on learning the science, the AP test (should you so choose to take it) will handle itself.


    Below you will find some "First Days of School" files. Some of these are for reference, and some must be signed by a parent/guardian.