• Exceptional Students Educational Program (ESEP):

    Our ESEP Program emphasizes transition to work and adult living and offers students with special needs the opportunity to participate in school-based enterprises (SBE) to learn and practice job skills. The Crossbones Crafts is a SBE run solely by students with intellectual disabilities. They sell handmade wooden signs and other individually made and customized products. Students oversee all aspects of this business including marketing, distribution, manufacturing, and finance. The SBE provides students with valuable life and employability skills including collaboration, communication, and time-management.

    EPHS has two unique programs for students with autism.

    • The LEAP program (Learning Enrichment Achievement Program) serves students with autism needing a modified curriculum and focuses on academic, communication, social, and daily living skills. These students possess profound learning gaps when compared to their typical peers and receive intensive support such as visuals, picture schedules, manipulatives, and sensory integration activities. The classroom environment is highly structured and incorporates individual schedules of behavior reinforcement.

    EPHS is the first and only high school in the county to offer a SEL-S (Social Emotional Learning-Supports) program. SEL-S is for students with autism who have average to above average cognitive abilities and can meet the requirements of a general education diploma but require more support due to significant challenges in learning, behavior, and social-emotional functioning. Students receive explicit instruction in cognitive behavior strategies, pragmatic language, and social skills, while receiving instruction aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Eligible students have access to Speech/Language, Occupational, and Physical Therapies, Adaptive PE, Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing and Visually Impaired services, and Assistive Technology devices and services. Career-Technical Instruction provides support for students with disabilities in their Career, Technical and Agricultural electives.