• 1er cours = Français II

    2e cours = Préparation

    3e cours = Français II

    4e cours = Français I



EPHS French Classes

  • All students have a WWW.VHLCENTRAL.COM account where they have a Virtual Textbook, flashcards, tutorials, videos and activities. This is an AWESOME resource! Please take advantage of it! There are also a lot of resources on their CANVAS page! 

    French 2 Students use D’accord 2 (Orange) Textbook.

    French 1 Students use D’accord 1 (Red) Textbook.

    Students need to check their CANVAS French tab first daily in ANNOUCEMENTS for information, resources, and assignments and then (2) their VHL account if indicated in the Canvas directions.

    Students are responsible for following directions, completing their work & asking any questions. Students are expected to work everyday, STUDY, REVIEW & ASK questions.

    Students must put the TIME & ENERGY into learning a foreign language...unfortunately, I cannot do it for the students. If students are not completing their work, not paying attention, &/or on their phones in class, it will be harder for them to understand the information as they are not doing their part.

    Stay on target with the classwork as it makes it harder to catch up if students are behind.

    You can do this! You got this!

    Let's keep our thoughts & actions positive!

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