• Solohub,Amanda   Hi! I am the first high school teacher for a program called SEL-S at East Paulding High School. The acronym stands for Social-Emotional Learning Supports. The program is designed to give higher functioning autistic children a place to learn where they are comfortable AND receive the standard Georgia high school diploma. SEL-S students are more than capable of meeting the standard graduation requirements from an intellectual standpoint. However, the sensory issues and inability to control anxiety in places such as high school can be insurmountable challenges for SEL-S students. This program is huge because it gives these students the opportunity to receive a diploma that allows them to go to college and become the brilliant members of the community that they can be! The main goal of the program is to encourage post-secondary programs by creating a learning environment that is not scary. SEL-S is an individually tailored program that adds to the massive thirst these children have for knowledge. The teacher teaches all the students the 4 core classes including Mathematics, Literature and Composition, Science, and Social Studies. The SEL-S class learns the exact same curriculum as the rest of their peers in a smaller group. The teacher runs schedules tightly and each class is sure to have a predictable routine for the student. These are some of the most remarkable human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I LOVE MY JOB!


    I have a B.Ed from Columbus State University. I have an expected graduation date of May 2021 for my M.Ed with a concentration in Secondary Science from Columbus State University. I am certified in Special Education- General Curriculam, Secondary English/Language Arts, and Health and Physical Education.

    Expected Mathmatics Certification: January 11, 2021

    Expected Social-Studies Certification: August 23, 2021

asolohub@paulding.k12.ga.us 770-445-5100 Ext. 291201

Social Emotional Learning Supports