• My name is Coach J.W. Cantrell and I teach Physcial Education.

    I teach team sports and weight training. My goal is to have all students dress out and participate and have fun while doing it. 


    1st Block  Team Sports

    2nd Block  Team Sports

    3rd Block  Team Sports

    4th Block  Planning


    Virtual Open House


    I also coach the men's basketball team. Tryouts are to begin October 24 after school. You must be academically eligible to try out. This is a tenative date as of now.

    Visit our website for updates   https://clubs.bluesombrero.com/epraidersbasketball

    Go Raiders!!!


    The middle school rosters are set.

    6th Grade

    Sevon Jackson

    Yehoshua Adeyemi

    Landon Fordham

    Anthony Ekwenchi

    Ray Jones

    Hakim King

    Noah Phenizee

    Owen Ottarson

    Caleb Jean-Silmone

    Aiden Sine

    Brady Spence

    Luke Perry

    Blaine Unangst

    7th Grade

    AJ Shelton

    Nehemiah Cowen

    Gabe Chenweth

    Kerry Blackmon

    Noah Hayes

    Ethan Cummings

    Mory Gbane

    Steve Brad Agbor

    Keegan Belanger

    Johnathan Hercule

    Keenon Verkerk

    8th Grade

    Aaron Bradford

    Malik Jordan

    Gabe Thompson Fields

    Ayden Parker

    Max Phung

    Kaden Redman

    Dane Diomande

    Cedric Nash

    Hezekiah Bond

    Jacob Perry

    Khalil Prather

    Jeremy Muiruri

    Kellen Anderson

    Rashad Johnson