• My name is Coach J.W. Cantrell and I teach Physcial Education.

    I teach team sports and weight training. My goal is to have all students dress out and participate and have fun while doing it. 


    1st Block  Team Sports

    2nd Block  Team Sports

    3rd Block  Planning

    4th Block  Weight Training


    Virtual Open House


    I also coach the men's basketball team. Tryouts are to begin October 26 after school. You must be academically eligible to try out. This is a tenative date as of now.

    Middle school tryouts will be Sunday Oct. 4 and Oct. 11. 6th and 7th grade from 4:00-5:30 pm and 8th grade from 5:30-7:00 pm. All practices at East Paulding High School. 

    Visit our website for updates   https://clubs.bluesombrero.com/epraidersbasketball

    Go Raiders!!!


    The 9th grade roster is final. We will have another tryout when football is complete for JV and Varsity.

    9th grade                                 JV                                     Varsity

    Jaden Taft                               Nevin Gunthrop                  Kristian Ford

    Daviere McClinton                   Jaylin Shelton                     Jaylen Jackson

    Phillip Cooper                         Joseph Warner                    Spencer Hallead

    Jaden Davis                            Elijah Fullerton                   Gavin Porter

    Ian Eubanks                           Brandon Brackenridge         Jamal Francois

    TJ Robinson                           Daylen Willis                       Jamaree Tyler

    Josh Bien-Aise                       Drake Sheckton                  Sebastian Tidor

    Nate Simmons                       Omar Gueye                       Daniel Cottrill

    Connor Watson                      Noah Maupins                     Chiddy Egoh

    Myles Valentine                      Austin Speece                    Carter Pengelly

    Kody Faulkner                       Sebastian Manuel                Tsuirad Moore

    Clifford Charles                                                              Sebastian Manuel

    Isaac Taylor                                                                    Joseph Warner

    Norvus Martinez

    Edwin Furgueson                                                            Ashriel Dixon


    The middle school rosters are set.

    8th grade                                    7th Grade                         6th Grade

    Noah Brown                               Sidney Johns                     Keenon Verkerk  

    Matthew Perry                            Dean Groom                     James Ayden Parker

    Brayden Westbrooks                   Troy Bennett                     Yehoshua Adeyemi

    Jaden Key                                  Reginald Scott                  Gabnel Thompson Fields

    Damari Witherspoon                   Cameron Scott                  Arion Bradford

    Frederick Anderson                     Tahjay Hopkins                 Karon Fluker

    Malkolm Mann                            Emmanuel Cooper            Kellen Anderson

    Brayden Clarke                           Vance Anderson               Malik Jordan

    Ryan Smith                                Kevin Sheaff                    Quininnard Hamilton

    Noah Dixon                                Seth Llewallyn                  Darren Dennis

    Cameron Jones                           Mason McKinney

    Jimmy Stephens                         Jonah Hess

                                                     Jayden D Jean

                                                     Nathan Theodat