• College and Career Readiness:

    EPHS is also intentional about student college and career readiness. The EPHS counseling department supports students in the areas of career development, academic and social and emotional support. All students engage in activities that expose them to different career options and include college visits, guest speakers from colleges, military branches, and from the Georgia Student Finance Commission that provide information on admissions, scholarships, programs, and activities.

    Juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in Work-Based Learning (WBL) to help facilitate a smooth transition into the workplace. EPHS had 145 WBL students during 2019-2020. One Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair student worked as an office assistant in a body shop. She also repaired cars when her administrative duties allowed. Upon turning eighteen and graduating high school, she went to work full-time as a mechanic. All WBL students learn to balance academics and work and the importance of communication skills, dependability, teamwork, initiative and other critical soft skills necessary for workplace success.

    Our College & Career Readiness Week provides students "Points of Access" to information for their future. It’s a week of activities for students interested in a two or four-year college, the state's industries currently lacking skilled workers, or the armed forces. The week included representatives from five branches of the military (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard); representatives for students that wanted to become certified in the industries in our state that lack skilled workers; an opportunity for college bound students to apply to various colleges with waived application fees; information for students wanting to become an entrepreneur or become a part of Fortune 500 training/internship program; and exploring a database of over 1,000 internships. More than 500 students received career planning assistance.