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Paulding Education Foundation Announces Fall Mini Classroom Grant Winners

PEF Awards 100 Grants


The Paulding Education Foundation is excited to announce the 100 winners of the Quick Cash for Classroom Grant! After reviewing more than 450 applications, the reviewers

picked the winners listed below. Checks will be arriving at the schools over the next few days so that winners can purchase the items listed in the grant applications.

“We know our teachers could use more money to impact students and we are thrilled to help a little at the beginning of the year,” said Executive Director Jim McMichen.

The Foundation is preparing the applications now for our annual classroom grant that will be going out in September 2023. Each of these grants will be worth $3,000 for a

total of $24,000!


"CLICK HERE" to view the full list of winners and find out how you can become a member of the Paulding Education Foundation!