•  Weekly Overview April 25-29, 2016

    Summative assessment this Friday on The Hobbit
      Please review under Tools for Study Guide on The Hobbit or click on the link above
    Monday April 25
    Opening: Alliteration example from Hobbit text
    Work period: Read Chapter 5 and part of 6
    Closing: HATS
    Tuesday April 26
    Opening: Sentence structure and parts of speech example within context of text
    Work Period: partners divided up Character sketches for project, begin character sketches for Dwarves
    Read Chapter 6 (audio to accompany text in class)
    Wednesday April 27
    Opening: Poetry examples within context
    Work Period: Chapter 6, 7, work on character sketches as we read of Dwarves
    Closing: HATS 
    Thursday April 28 
    Opening: Character traits within context  
    Work Period: Finish Chapter 8
    Review for test
    Friday April 29
    Summative on The Hobbit (Chapters 1-8) 
    Weekly Overview Week of March 28-April 1, 2016
    Formative Assessment-Friday April 1-Grammar/Vocabulary 
    NBI -View Pixar Shorts/review /create Plot diagrams 
    Monday March 28- Read Paired text 1/Analyze (prepare for Milestone constructed responses)

    Tuesday March 29- Paired text 2

    Wednesday March 30- Paired text 3

    Thursday March 31 / Friday April 1-Written constructed responses that ties together all of the articles. 

     Weekly Overview March 21-25, 2016

    Formative Assessment –Friday March 25

    Weekly Grammar and Vocabulary from this week and last week

    Differentiated Writing Assessment this Thursday (in –class)/various point of views from “All Summaer in a Day”


    Monday March 21

    Opening: Grammar- Identify parts of speech

    This week’s sentence: “Rowland and I play rugby together, however, he is the better player.”

    Work Period: Point of View Activity (1st, 2nd, and 3rd person)

    Media Center

    Closing: HATS


    Tuesday March 22

    Opening: Grammar-Identify sentence parts

    Work period: Review Simile/Metaphor

    Read/analyze “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury

    Summary and identify similes/metaphors within text

    Closing: TOTD- Simile/Metaphor/Summary

    Wednesday March 23

    Opening: Grammar-Identify clauses, structure, purpose

    Work Period: Review Author’s purpose

    Organizer-Point of View of Margot, William, Students, Teacher

    Closing: write a prediction on what happened after Margot got out of the closet

    Thursday March 24

    Opening:  Grammar-Diagram sentence

    Work Period: Differentiated writing prompts(various perspectives /point of views )-“All Summer in a Day”

    Closing: HATS

    Friday March 26

    Opening: Review Grammar

    Work Period: Quiz , finish writing from Thursday

    Closing: HATS





    Weekly Lesson Overview

    Miss Duncan & Mrs.Weaver

    Week of February 22-26, 2016

    We will have a quiz on this week's grammar sentence on Friday February 26. Students should be reviewing their daily grammar notes each night to prepare for quiz.
    We are beginning a Figurative Language Project this week. It is a tiered assignments and students are given one of the three based on the results of their figurative language pre-test.
    This project is due Friday and we are giving students some time to work on in class but will be expected to do some of it at home as well.  
    Week of February  1-5, 2016

    ***Nightly homework –study grammar opening sheet and notes daily to prepare for quiz for Friday

    ***We are beginning to write our next summative writing task based on a significant figure in history as part of our informational text unit. Students will be working on this in class beginning Tuesday , but will most likely need to work at home on part of it if they do not get finished with daily writing in class later in the week and next week. Please continue to check the website and check their own writing they may take home to write .  

     Monday February 1

    Opening: Grammar –Identify parts of speech

    Work Period: Introduced Informational Essay

    Students chose topic out of two – Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Teachers provided books as sources ; students were expected to write 10 facts about the person he or she read  to prepare for informational essay ( we will work on in class over the next week).

    Closing: Share facts aloud /HATS in written format on back of warm-up

    Tuesday February 2

    Opening: Grammar –Identify parts of a sentence-SS, CS, SP, CP, direct objects, transitive/intransitive verbs, indirect object

    Work Period: Review Works Cited and MLA format

    Teacher examples and student practices citing source for paper

    Closing: Students turn in work cited for paper

    Wednesday February 3 EARLY RELEASE DAY – Students dismissed at 1:30

    Opening: Grammar-identify sentence clauses (number and type), sentence structure and purpose

    Work Period: Mini-lesson –writing an introduction to an informational essay and review hooks

    Students will use a guided note sheet /graphic organizer to create their introduction and conclusion for Informational essay

    Closing: HATS/completed intro & conclusion organizer


    Opening: Grammar-diagram sentence

    Work Period: Mini-lesson

    Writing Body Paragraphs of an Informational essay

    Closing: HATS


    Opening: Question and Answers prior to quiz

    Work Period:

    Grammar Quiz

    Continue writing body paragraphs

    Closing: HATS



     Week of January 25, 2016
    Summative Grammar Assessment this Friday January 29, 2016 (Students should be studying Grammar Weeks 18, 19, and 20 to prepare for tests). Their grammar notes from the  past three weeks serve as their study guide. 

    Monday January 25, 2016

    Opening: Grammar Week 20 –Identify parts of speech


    Vocabulary-Informational Text- a text that informs or explains about a topic or topics


    Work Period: Tiered reading activity- Students were grouped and some read an autobiography about Rosa Parks and others read a biography about Nelson Mandela.

    Each student was responsible for completing K (Know), W (want to know) and

    L (Learned) . This is a two-three day activity.


    Last 25 minutes of class, class visited media center.


    HW: students should be studying their grammar nightly as well as previous two weeks grammar to prepare for tests.


    Tuesday January 26:

    Opening: Grammar week 20- Identify parts of a sentence


    Work Period: Reading Tiered Activity (cont).


    Closing: HATS (written format on back of grammar warm-up sheet)


    Wednesday January 27

    Opening: Grammar – sentence clauses, structure, and purpose


    Work Period: Finish reading activities


    Finish presentations of museum informational text projects


    Closing: HATS (written format on back of grammar warm-up sheet)


    Thursday  January 28


    Opening: Grammar- diagram sentence


    Work Period: Grammar review game to prepare for test


    Closing: HATS


    Friday January 29


    Opening: Last minute questions, review


    Work Period: Summative Assessment (Weeks 18, 19, and 20 of grammar)


    Closing: HATS



    Week of January 19-22, 2016
    Formative Grammar Assessment this Friday January 22, 2016
    (This quiz will be in the old format. Students will not be expected to write out the answers why an answer is the way it is this week)
    Tuesday January 19, 2016
    Opening: Grammar -parts of speech
    Work Period: Differentiated groups (Duncan taught students completing choice board)
                                                              (Weaver worked with Shark Informational Essay group)
                          Mrs.Weaver's group read articles together and completed a Shark Circle map with guided outline to begin draft of essay)
     Closing: Hats written format and student status check of work cited and draft (Weaver's group)
    HW: work cited final copy, at least Introduction , two body paragraphs of essay (Final due Thursday)
    Wednesday January 20, 2016
    Opening: Grammar- sentence parts
    Work Period: continue with choice board informational texts projects/ Shark drafts/ begin editing & revising
    Closing: HATS/ status check on project
    Thursday January 21, 2016
    Opening: Grammar -sentence clauses, structure, purpose
    Work Period: Final edits, revisions of projects or essays /final copy
     Closing : HATS
    Friday January 22, 2016
    Presentation of Projects  
    Upcoming Formative Assessment: Grammar & Academic Vocabulary Quiz 10

     Friday Nov. 13

    Students are expected to study their daily vocabulary and grammar every night.

    Students will also be given a typed copy of the vocabulary from the entire unit on Wednesday. The highlighted words are the ones they are expected to know for this week’s quiz.

    Tutoring for English Language Arts are on the following days: Tuesdays (Mrs.Shelnutt), Wednesdays (Miss Duncan), and Fridays (Mr.Niklasson). Students need to be at the front door at 7:45 AM and the teacher who is tutoring that day meets them at the door.


    Monday November 9

    Opening: Identify Parts of speech

    This week’s sentence: I like the book, The Giver, by Lois Lowry.

    Work Period:  Read Chapter 2 While the World Watched (WWW)

    Reader’s response journal with comprehension questions (ch.2)

    Media Center visit

    Closing: HATS (written format of reviewing vocabulary, daily “I can statement..” and if student met the standard and how

    Tuesday November 10

    Opening: Identify Parts of the sentence

    Work Period:  Differentiated lesson & Organizer –compare and contrast excerpt from Ann Frank and chapter 1 of WWW. Complete t-chart or Venn diagram comparing two reading selections and  write a constructed response.

    Closing: HATS


    Wednesday November 11

    Opening: Identify sentence clauses, type and purpose

    Work Period: Read Chapter 2 While the World Watched (WWW)

    Reader’s response journal with comprehension questions (ch.2)


    Thursday November 12

    Read Chapter 3- WWW

    Reader’s response journal-Chapter 3 comprehension questions

    Closing: HATS

    Friday November 13

    Opening: Preview next week’s grammar

    Work Period: Grammar & Vocab Quiz

    Chapter 4 –WWW/response journal with comprehension questions

    Closing- HATS




    Upcoming Formative Assessment: Grammar & Academic Vocabulary Quiz 9 Friday Nov. 6

    Students are expected to study their daily vocabulary and grammar every night.

    Students will also be given a typed copy of the vocabulary from the entire unit on Wednesday. The highlighted words are the ones they are expected to know for this week’s quiz.

    Tutoring for English Language Arts are on the following days: Tuesdays (Mrs.Shelnutt), Wednesdays (Miss Duncan), and Fridays (Mr.Niklasson). Students need to be at the front door at 7:45 AM and the teacher who is tutoring that day meets them at the door.


    Monday Nov. 2

    Opening: Grammar Warm-up –Monday’s work (Identify parts of speech)–This week’s sentence:

    It’s very warm in our classroom today.

    Work Period: Introduction to Double-Entry Journals

    Begin Chapter 1 While the World Watched

    Closing: HATS

    Tuesday Nov.3

    No School

    Wednesday Nov. 4

    Opening: Grammar Warm-up (Tues.& Wed.work- sentence parts , clauses, sentence structure, and purpose

    Work Period: Finish Chapter 1, comprehension questions

    Introduce Writing Prompt

    Thursday Nov. 5

    Opening: Grammar Warm-up –Thursday’s work-Diagram sentence

    Work Period: Argumentative Essay with textual evidence

    Closing: HATS

    Friday Nov. 6

    Opening: Review weekly grammar for quiz

    Work Period: Quiz 9 (Grammar & Vocabulary)

    Finish Argumentative writing essay (in-class assignment)



     Students are just now finishing assessments from the past few weeks. There should be new grades in the gradebook for the following: grammar quiz 7 .  The Giver Essays (in-class/Milestones format-students worked for entire week on this assignment during class time only), and Grammar & Vocabulary Summative 2.
    Monday October 19

    Opening: Grammar warm-up .Identify parts of speech. This week’s sentence is:

    Always write your name on your paper.

    Work Period: Author’s purpose (vocab)notes/discuss vocabulary

    Author’s purpose activities- teacher read scenarios/non-fiction literature and students answered to what purpose the author was writing (to Persuade, Inform, Entertain-students taught the PIE strategy)

    Closing: HATS (in written form- students are expected to complete a TOTD for each day and will be collected on Fridays including the I can statement for the day, Have they met the standard, academic vocabulary discussed/learned, show evidence of the activity/task they did to meet the standard)

    Tuesday October 20

    Opening: Grammar-identify parts of sentence(simple subject, simple predicate, complete subject, complete predicate, direct object, prepositional phrase, object of preposition , transitive verb)

    Work Period: Notes and examples of Compare/Contrast(vocab)-class t-chart guided by teachers

    Differentiated readings/graphic organizers- students read non-fiction articles and complete various compare/contrast organizers based on readings

    Closing: HATS

    Wednesday October 21

    Opening: grammar warm-up – sentence clauses (1 independent clause), structure- simple, purpose /type- asks question/interrogative

    Work Period: Problem/Solution (vocab) notes/organizers.

    Closing: HATS

    Thursday October 22

    Opening: Grammar warm-up-diagram sentence

    Work Period: Cause and Effect (vocab)notes , readings , organizers-students highlight causes in one color/effects to those causes in a different color.

    Closing: HATS

    Friday October 23

    Opening- preview week 10 sentence

    Work period: In class spelling bee

    Closing: HATS




    Lesson Plan Overview


    Miss Duncan & Mrs.Weaver

     Week of October 19-23, 2015
    Monday October  19
    Opening: Grammar warm-up (parts of speech)
    This week's sentence: Always write your name on your paper. 

    Week of October 12-16, 2015

    ***Early dismissal this week –Students released at 2:30 due to Parent/Teacher conferences.

    Be sure to ask your child for a conference letter to contact the teacher holding your child’s conference and communicate if you will be able to attend at your scheduled time, have a phone conference, decline the invitation to meet, or want to adjust your time.

    Upcoming Summative Assessment: Friday October 16, 2015 on grammar and academic vocabulary (your child should be reviewing daily grammar sheets week 6-8 to prepare for the summative)


    Monday October 12

    Opening: Grammar day 1 (parts of speech)/vocabulary-Non-Fiction

    Work period: Non-fiction Unit pre-test

    Non-fiction reading activity-use Scholastic magazines and Bring your own Technology (BYOT) to read non-fiction text

    Closing-HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)

    Tuesday October 13

    Opening: Grammar day 2 (parts of the sentence-simple subject, simple predicate…)/

    vocabulary-Text structures

    Work period: Non-fiction Unit pre-test

    Non-fiction reading activity-Fortune-Teller activity using fortune-tellers relating to articles students found on 10/11/2015

    Closing-HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)

    Wednesday October 14

    Opening: Grammar day 3 (sentence type, structure, )/vocabulary-Author’s purpose

    Work period: read non-fiction articles and students will complete author’s purpose


    Closing-HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)


    Thursday : Opening: Diagram sentence

                       Work period: Review previous 3 weeks grammar and vocabulary; review game

                        Closing: HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)

    Friday :Opening: pre-view next week’s sentence

             Opening: Diagram sentence

                       Work period: Review previous 3 weeks grammar and vocabulary; review game

                        Closing: HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)

    Closing-HATS (written ticket-to be turned in at the end of the week)



     HATS (written ticket-to be turned in)



     Week of October 5-9, 2015
    Miss Duncan & Mrs.Weaver
    Summative Reading Assessment -The Giver Monday October 5-6
    Summative Written /Extended Response Portion of The Giver -Tuesday-Friday
    Students should be familiar with p.172-173 of The Giver and familiar with the feelings/emotions Jonas was having with leaving "the community". In the writing portion students will be expected to write an argumentative response relating to the positive and negatives of leaving the community.
    Monday October 5
    Opening: Grammar day 1
    Work Period: Reading summative
    Closing: HATS/media center
    Tuesday October 6
     Opening: grammar day 2
    Work Period: Writing summative ( pre-writing/drafting)
    Closing: HATS
    Wednesday October 7  
    Opening: grammar day 3
    Work period: Writing Summative/drafting/editing/revising)
    Closing: HATS
    Thursday October 8
    Opening: grammar day 4
    Work period: Writing Summative/final draft
    Closing: HATS
    HW: study- quiz 7 grammar tomorrow(Friday October 9)
    Friday October 9
    Opening: review grammar sentence from this week
    Work period -Quiz 7
    Finish final touches on final draft  
    Closing- Author's chair  

    Week of September 28-October 2, 2015

    Miss Duncan & Mrs. Weaver

    Summative Assessment /The Giver Project due this Wednesday Sept.30 (Summative grade)

    Upcoming Assessments: There will be no quiz this week on Friday as usual with the grammar openings. However, students need to continue to study the weekly grammar sheet nightly to prepare for an upcoming summative assessment. The date will be announced soon-continue checking website and your child’s agenda .

    Monday September 28

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (identify parts of speech)/ Discuss “I can ” statement and vocab of the day ( plagiarism)

    Work Period: work on projects/ students who were absent Friday before break or need extra time finishing Grammar & Vocab Quiz #5 will take during class

    Closing : HATS (have student read standard, ask about daily vocabulary, talk about how we met standard, show how we met standard)

    Tuesday September 29

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (sentence parts- simple subject, simple predicate, complete subject, complete predicate) /Discuss “I can ”statement and vocab of the day (textual evidence)

    Work Period: The Giver Project Presentations (for students who have turned in projects early, projects aren’t officially due until tomorrow); student rubrics/vocab tally sheet

    Closing: TOTD- 3 examples of textual evidence from student presentations

    Wednesday September 30

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (clauses, sentence structure and type)/Discuss “I can “ statement and vocab of the day (textual evidence)

    Work Period: The Giver Project Presentations ; student rubrics/vocab tally sheet

    Closing: TOTD- 3 examples of textual evidence from student presentations




    Thursday October 1

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (diagram sentence) /Discuss “I can ” statement and vocab of the day (analyze)

    Work Period: Paired Reading comprehension assessment –The Giver

     (same format as Milestones, constructed response portion Friday )

    Closing- HATS (written format)

    Friday October 2

    Opening: Discuss “I can  ”statement and preview week 7 sentence/grammar

    Work Period: Milestone essay prompt

    Closing-HATS (written format)




    Lesson Plan Overview


    Week of September 14-18, 2015

    Mrs.Duncan & Mrs. Weaver


    Upcoming Formative Assessment: Grammar & Vocabulary Quiz #5 Friday Sept. 18

    Summative Giver Project Check Thursday September 17 ( Bloom ball group- cover page, 2 vocabulary sides, 3 character sides, 3 main event sides)

    (pamphlet- outside flap and inside flap –setting, rules, jobs of community)

    (scrapbook /blue group- draft packet-draft of scrapbook)

    Final Project due September 30

    Monday Sept.14

    Opening: Grammar week 5 (Sally sells seashells by the seashore). Parts of speech.

    Work Period- Giver  chapters 16-18

    Closing: Journal response- Describe a good memory you would give to someone else . Describe the memory using sensory words . Who would you give it to and why?

    Tuesday Sept 15

    Opening: Grammar day 2 –parts of sentence

    Work Period: Giver –chapters 19, 20

    Closing-Kahoot-Giver comprehension questions

    Wednesday Sept. 16

    Opening: Grammar Day 3-sentence type/purpose, clauses, structure

    Work Period: The Giver –chapters 21, 22



    Opening: Grammar day 4- Diagram sentence

    Work Period: The Giver Chapter 23

    Closing: Summarize Resolution of The Giver/HATS strategy

    Friday: Grammar & Vocabulary Quiz #5

    Project check

    Students will also have time to work on project after quiz

    Giver Reading Comprehension Packet


    Audio of The Giver by Chapters http://nh.tasd7.net/ourpages/auto/2012/8/28/39999903/The%20Giver%20by%20Lois%20Lowry.htm


    Miss Duncan & Mrs.Weaver’s 7th ELA Class Lesson Plan Overview


    Week of September 8-11


    Upcoming Summative Assessments:

    Grammar Test 1 Re-take Friday September 11

    The Giver Projects (white group – Bloom Ball – 3 character sides check Friday Sept. 11

    Yellow Group –Pamphlet- Checkpoint September 17 (front of brochure and inside)

    Blue Group-Scrapbook draft check September 17

    All final projects due September 30

    Tuesday September 8, 2015

    Opening: Review Week one Grammar (The dog chased the cat.)

    Work Period: Read Chapter 10, 11 of The Giver

    Discuss vocab of the day-Symbolism /complete symbolism section of The Giver reading packet with examples from text

    Closing: Reviewed vocab and summarized chapters


    Wednesday September 9

    Opening: Review Week two grammar

    Work Period: Read chapter 12-13 The Giver

    Closing: Kahoot - The Giver chapters 1-12

    Thursday September 10

    Opening: Review grammar week 3

    Work Period: Read Chapter 13-14

    Closing: Grammar and Academic Vocab Review Game

    Friday September 11

    Re-take Grammar Summative



     Miss Duncan & Mrs.Weaver's Lesson Overview Week of August 31-Sepetmber 4, 2015
     Monday Night's Homework:

    Nightly Homework-  Study Grammar sheet and vocabulary each night. We will be giving class time to work on projects , but students are expected to work on it independently as well.

    Upcoming  Formative (Quiz) Assessment- Friday September 4-Grammar & Vocab (Exposition, foreshadowing, inference)

    Upcoming Summative Grade: The Giver Project (due at end of September , when we are finished with the text)

    Monday August 31, 2015

    Opening: Grammar Day 1-Parts of Speech

    Review Vocabulary-Exposition

    Work Period-

    Media Center Visit
    Read Chapter 5 –The Giver

    Introduce Tiered Project

    Closing- Question & Answer (Q & A) for project

    HW : Read Chapter 5 The Giver ( some students finished in class) or listen to audio Chapter 5  

    Tuesday September 1

    Opening: Grammar Day 2-Parts of a sentence (subject, predicate, simple subject, simple predicate)

    Review Vocabulary-Exposition

    Work Period-Read Chapter 6–The Giver

    Chapter 5 Formative

    Closing- Question & Answer (Q & A) for project discussion

    Wednesday  September 2

    Opening: Grammar Day 3-Senetence structure, type, purpose

    Review Vocabulary-Foreshadowing

    Work Period-Read Chapter 7–The Giver

    Flow map of chapters

    Closing- Kahoot over chapter 7 details

    Thursday September 3

    Opening: Grammar Day 4-Diagram Sentence

    Review Vocabulary-Inference

    Work Period-Read Chapter 8–The Giver

    Making Inferences Activity

    Closing- Share Inferences in groups/as a class


    Friday September 4

    Opening: Grammar Review/ introduce and preview next week’s sentence

    Work Period-Grammar & Vocab Quiz

    Chapter 9 The Giver

    Closing- Review Quiz Responses





    Lesson Plan Overview Miss Duncan/Mrs.Weaver

    Wk of August 24-28, 2015

    Upcoming Summative Assessment- Friday August 28- Daily Grammar and academic Vocab for the week

    ( Inference, Implicitly, Explicitly)

    Daily Homework should be studying vocabulary list of The Giver words as well as daily grammar and new vocabulary words introduced this week.

    Monday August 24

    Opening- grammar (parts of speech)

    WorkPeriod: Chapter 1 –The Giver

    ***Students will have access to a copy for the class period of The Giver. If they need their own copy at home they are welcome to check one out at the media center or they can bring in their own copy if they choose to purchase it.

    Closing: Journal entry – What inferences can we make about “the community” based on Jonas’s feelings about the Ceremony of Twelve.

    Tuesday August 25

    Opening: Grammar ( parts of a sentence-simple and complete subject, simple and complete predicate, prepositional phrases)

    Work Period: Chapter 2- The Giver;  graphic organizers- Create a character map of the major characters introduced in the first two chapters

    Closing: review character maps as a whole class

    Wednesday August 26

    Opening: Grammar (clauses, structure)

    Work Period: Chapter 3 The Giver; flow map of chapters 1-3

    Closing: Student led closing- students will complete flow map as a class

    Thursday August 27

    Opening: Grammar- Diagram sentence

    Work Period: Chapter 4 –The Giver

    Closing: Write a summary of the text thus far ( Formative grade)

    Friday August 28

    Opening: introduce next week’s grammar sentence

    Grammar and Vocab Summative Assessment

    Closing: Review summative assessment




    Miss Duncan/ Mrs.Weaver (1st/2nd period)

    Formative Assessments- Friday August 14th, we took our 1st Formative Grammar & Academic Vocabulary Assessment.

    Students were also working hard all week on prewriting/drafting/revising activities in which they received a formative grade.

    Final Drafts of small moment narratives are due Monday. We worked in class on these for several days.

    The Final draft will be our first Summative Assessment grade.

    Week of August 17-21, 2015

    We are beginning our unit on Dystopian /Utopian Literature. Our class extended text will be The Giver, which we will begin reading in a few weeks. Students are encouraged to get their own copy , but the school provides a class set copy.

    HW nightly should include reading over daily grammar we completed that day as well as vocabulary list. Quiz on Fridays.

    Monday August 17

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (parts of speech), Utopian introduction & PowerPoint

    Work: students write a descriptive journal entry of their Utopia/perfect classroom

    Extention activity- illustration of perfect classroom

    Closing: Students think pair share /compare perfect classrooms

    Tuesday August 18

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (parts of a sentence)

    Work Period: Jigsaw activity – students analyze song lyrics and compare /contrast ideas of Utopias

    Closing-TOTD- 3 common elements of lyrics

    Wednesday August 19

    Opening: Grammar warm-up (parts of sentence, cont.), Read the play ,“The Red Barchetta” , review Dystopia and Utopia Vocabulary

    Work Period: Commentary on “The Red Barchetta” based on short story, read Foster’s “A Nice Morning Drive”/highlight elements of song found in short story

    Closing: TOTD- 3 elements in both story and song

    Thursday August 20

    Opening: Grammar Warm-up-Diagram sentence

    Work Period: Reading- “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” –whole class reading

    Closing: Plot diagram of “Monsters are Due….”

    Friday August 21, 2015

    Opening: Introduce week 2 grammar

    Work Period: Week 2 Grammar / Academic Vocab Quiz , finish reading “Monsters are Due on Maple Street”; perspective activity

    Closing: Review Quiz; HATS

    Weekly Overview August 3-7, 2015
    Getting to Know You /Review Class Syllabus and Rules & Procedures
    HW: bring in picture of yourself
    Getting to Know you
    Review Rules/Procedures
    Baseball Cards Activity
    HW: get class contract signed by student & parent
    Academic Vocab Pre-test
    Finish Baseball Card Activity ( students' interests)