•   A.M.S.       

           P.E. INFORMATION                        

    What do you need for Physical Education?

    • Athletic Shoes (no slip-on Vans or other brands)

    How will you be graded?

    • 10 Points per day for having athletic shoes (*100 points per week total with participation)
    • 10 Points per day for Participating in the activity assigned (you will NOT play unless you have athletic shoes)
    • If you do NOT have athletic shoes, then you will lose 10 pts for shoes & 10 pts participation

    What are the expectations in the A.M.S. Gym?

    • Be Prepared each day with clothes, shoes, and a positive attitude.
    • Be Active – give 100% daily and during EACH activity.
    • Be Respectful – to Peers, Coaches, and Equipment. Be kind to students & teachers.  Take care of the equipment, gym, locker rooms, and fields.
    • Absolutely – NO HORSEPLAY – keep hands and feet to yourself


    What if you are too sick or injured to participate?

    • If you are sick or injured, then bring in a note from a parent/guardian. The note should contain an email or phone number to contact the parent/guardian.
    • If you are going to miss more than 3 consecutive days, then the note must be from a doctor.
    • You are allowed (3) parent notes per 9 week grading period. Each note will excuse them for 1 day of PE.  After the 3rd note, it must be a note from a doctor.


    What sort of games will you play?

    • At Austin Middle School, we try to incorporate both individual and team sports into our curriculum along with various fitness activities.
    • Here are some of our anticipated activities – Bocce, Frisbee Golf, Soccer, Flag Football, Tumbling, Bowling, Badminton, Horseshoes, Pickle Ball, Kickball, Sponge Ball, and other fun games/activities.


    Who can I contact with a question or concern?  (SEE BACK FOR REMIND INFORMATION)