• Literary Competition

    There are two (2) events in the Fine Arts that produce State Champions in each classification. Those events are
    One Act Play and Literary.
     1. The Literary events include:
     (a) Oral Presentation - Solo Dramatic, Solo Humorous and Duo (dramatic or humorous)
     (b) Essay - Personal, Argumentative and Rhetorical
     (c) Extemporaneous Speaking - Domestic and International
     (d) Boys Quartet
     (e) Solo - Boys and Girls
     (f) Girls Trio

    GHSA Guidelines, click HERE (Literary rules start on page 96)

    2022 PCHS Competitors


    For information on the different competition events, click HERE

    If you are interested in competing for the 2022-23 school year, e-mail Mrs. Nero-Self in the Fall 2022 Semester!